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  1. If you look at Josh Jacobs profile you will see similar size and running style... violent, great contact balance, poise and burst, etc... He might be faster than Jacobs in open field.
  2. Waller has something in common here too I think. He was drafted as a WR but I read at the time he would play TE for certain teams if they drafted him. There was also rumblings of Claypool playing TE prior to draft. But that never happened last season in Pittsburgh. It will be interesting to see if he compare to Claypool and Waller in terms of measurable over at player profile.
  3. Do we do this again after the actual nfl draft? It would be great to see how landing spot affects people’s ratings.
  4. You mean you pick your rookies before the nfl draft?
  5. At that link they said his laser was 4.39. Only 4 receivers were faster than that at last years combine. So, I’m not knocking him on speed.
  6. I’m guessing Cleveland might be willing to part with Njoku. Harrison Bryant has made him expendable. Perhaps NE would trade for him. Your assumption on Edelman very easily can become true. Just read Edelmans recovery is slow and he may not be ready at beginning of the year. At age 34, he might not find it is worth it for him to play given his knee issues.
  7. If I am Pats GM. I make trade at 15. Easy
  8. LT also compared Najae Harris to Lev Bell. Might be a lot of over praise...
  9. LT just compared him to Kamara. That’s a bit much in my opinion. But, you have a guy that I was comparing Kamara to a couple years ago saying he see Kamara type in him. Hmm...
  10. I’m a hold on Mims. In fact, I picked him up in a couple leagues where disgruntled owner rage dropped him, evidently. I’m willing to give him another full season given his measurable. Thinking he could pan out.
  11. If that is the case then there will be more holes to fill making it likely the Eagles dont draft qb early to fill these other openings.
  12. It isn’t hard to believe... a QB that was worse than Cam was last season at 25 million and have to give up a conditional 2nd(likely becomes a 1st) and 3rd round pick for him?
  13. Pats would love have a trade for him.
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