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  1. Yes you should. It takes all of five minutes to search a name and find video footage
  2. Sorry. My bad. He’s not an earlier pick in nfl draft than 5. In my opinion. Which makes him off my board and possibly a mid to late third round in dynasty rookie drafts.
  3. You are not sure, because he isn’t. He is a 5th round pick for NFL draft in my view. Straight speed, but no ability to run between tackles.
  4. How much earlier in the nfl draft will he go? 4th? 5th?
  5. Not exceptional speed, but runs routes right. But is nfl ready. But not a top pick. IMO. Even with coaching he is what he is. Wr2
  6. I saw something on nfl channel where he has lost 4 games since his sophomore year of high school. This seems bs.
  7. It sounds like AJ Brown type. Wow, explains his yac.
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