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  1. Looking like Edelman is done. Sad, but his knee can’t take it. Wonder if they say hey keep your bonus but retire or we have to cut you. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/patriots-julian-edelman-unlikely-play-2021-season If I get it right they would get back 3.4 million to the cap. Dead money is his guaranteed bonus of 2.8 million.
  2. Here is the stats I was mentioning... https://youtu.be/sH9PcPsRCF0
  3. I think Jets are even worse in the first round. I saw a stat the other day way every 1st rounder was either cut or traded away for the last ten seasons.
  4. I agree for the bulk of them. However, I did think Dugger looked good last season. Played with aggression and good hitting.
  5. Downhill big time. I think the DM from supporter is a nail in a coffin. He’s likely looking at jail time.
  6. Meyer may decide to rest his nfl hopes on Wilson. Given what we see
  7. Well thanks good just to know ya! https://youtu.be/9vST6hVRj2A
  8. Haha. Felger hammered Rodgers on late night tv here.
  9. I bet Vitale gets cut. Jakuk Johnson they make space for.
  10. I love Wilson arm. But I’d rather bank on Lance as a long term prospect.
  11. I think he has great arm, and good speed, and has great ability out of pocket, and also he can run
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