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  1. You may know this already… but Fantasypros has a start sit comparison tool between two players and it gives you the consensus amongst many industry experts. I find it useful to help me if I think something is a coin flip.
  2. I wanted a first and a second round for next years draft. No countering action. There are very few trades in that league though. Or it could be I asked for too much?
  3. Zero chance of a gold jacket. Guy can’t play through a easy hammy. Sounds like an entitled #### bag. Cut
  4. Zero chance of gold jacket given this guys ability to not play. He has zero collateral now.
  5. I think he should keep going because McCaffery is hurt. And needs his money. And is destined to go nowhere given his abilities. Zero chance now he gets gold jacket. Because his bung is snagged into his bungles.
  6. Next week is a bye. After that it seems like a start,
  7. Holding you up a piece of the game…. https://youtu.be/8-r-V0uK4u0
  8. He isn’t doing what is best for our team. He’s grumpy and upset that there was a fight where he didn’t get his own way.
  9. And I don’t want any sort of Bills fan objecting now. Got it.
  10. Throws high 80s possibly 90s. So the Red Sox reserve the right to call him up to pitch now.
  11. Nope. You are odds on favorite. Own it. It is good. Own it. Your team is great.
  12. Buffalo, wether you are ready or not… you have a Super Bowl team.
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