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  1. In my humble opinion the Jaguars will do well on offense. But struggle on defense. Specifically their DL and line backs.
  2. You will not score on one hundred percent chances you don’t take. Go big, or go home.
  3. You have Marshall very low on this list IMHO. But the proof is in the putting.
  4. I got him at 3.08 in a superflex league and I am happy with that. His route running will need worked on. But in the third I’m taking potential over situation, and I think he has physical attributes to be considered high potential.
  5. Maybe it is just for minicamp and not the main training camp. I see this as a positive since this might put his potential in that Kamara, McCaffery category.
  6. One thing I noticed is that they are allowing Jakob Johnson a roster spot exemption again.
  7. This Jets guy is po’d at Pats getting Jones... 🤣. https://nypost.com/2021/05/05/watch-jets-fans-insane-reaction-to-patriots-drafting-mac-jones-look-at-his-pace/
  8. A 53 man roster projection from Pats Pulpit... https://www.patspulpit.com/2021/5/6/22422140/nfl-draft-patriots-53-man-roster-projection-2021-season I think mine is only different in that I have Sony Michel making it and Anfernee Jennings being cut.
  9. I don’t like his arm strength outside hash mark. But the way they build two personnel.
  10. There is absolutely zero Chance Newton start for us.
  11. By Jones Please I mean let him play. There is no doubt in my mind he will be starter for our team.
  12. As someone that sat through this controversy five rows back south end zone... Jones please.
  13. He will be starter day at start of season I believe.
  14. He needs use leverage... then watch out. His feet are unusually nimble for his size.
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