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  1. Man, Wilfork had his rings stolen by his son... https://www.foxnews.com/sports/vince-wilfork-son-arrested-allegedly-stealing-patriots-super-bowl-rings
  2. Hurts me to say this... but the Jets got a good one. I have no shares, but I think he will be an all star.
  3. As an example, I would offer Buckers fumble at first base in 85 World Series. But I ask my kids and they have no idea about it.
  4. I doubt you are right about this. He seems like a proto TE.
  5. Mac will be our starter. Stidham, Bill is hoping to pump him, and trade him. And Cam is gone. Hence the need for Hoyer.
  6. He’s a war guy. He will show you what he wants. Media goes after it. So dumb.
  7. Oh, yeah... and Mac and Cheese will be our starter day one. And we will drop the cheese.... meaning Cam.
  8. He hasn’t and never will be the best. Whomever made this title is not on any sort of earth that the rest of us live on.
  9. I think Rodgers should go to Tampa. This way he could be a back up, or part of a two QB revolution.
  10. I have a feeling Gilmore has been told to look for work elsewhere.
  11. I know this is a weird one, but watch this pro golfer accidentally hammer the same spectator twice. Unbelievable... https://youtu.be/g6Pm-5A7C5k
  12. Gibson was huge. For college basketball that Christian Leahten hit that shot and shocked the world.
  13. It was huge. I think though back in those days there wasn’t the viewers due to sheer volume. Loved that moment. The David Tyrell helmet catch has to be up there too.
  14. Malcom Butler interception to win Super Bowl has to be up there. Due to impact and recency where YouTube etc can show it easily.
  15. I agree on fantasypros. I have a league where we can keep three with the penalty of the round they were originally drafted at. I can make a customized league and guess at peoples keepers and run scenarios exchange different ideas of my keepers vs theirs. I think it has made a difference enough to pay for that subscription. I used to have to concoct my own spreadsheet, and this has taken a lot of work out of it. I am not sure there are many other reasons I subscribe there as a lot of their info is free.
  16. The throws they showed on early edition didn’t looks good. These were just QB and WR drills against no defense.
  17. What happens if you took over an orphan and are trying to trade him? Your post just knocked me into late first round for Mixon. 🤣 kinda not joking though and of course asking for a friend! 🥴
  18. Snorkelsens, you forgot the last stage... when I am bored. Really bored. 🤪
  19. Hightower back at practice. Henry left practice early, got gimpy. Cam still out with hand injury.
  20. Evidently they mean best HOF eligible not to get in yet. Otherwise Tom Brady by a country mile.
  21. Not gonna lie. I wanted him in a Patriots Uniform
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