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  1. One thing that inspires confidence is that Jones completed his bachelors in three years and also his masters even this spring. He had a 4.0 gpa. He has a photographic memory according to an article I read. He will absorb the playbook as easy as anyone has done. So, imagine if you have a rookie that knows the complex playbook better than Newton. He will likely diagnose pre-snap noticeably better, and run through progressions quicker to arrive at decision faster. Then you would need to compare ability to deliver the ball on target... again another advantage for Jones. The main advantages for New
  2. This podcast is much easier to listen to as compared to the 98.5 guys if you want a reasonable take on the draft picks. https://youtu.be/0FH6K9z7IL4
  3. I have this one, a roku stick capable of 4K(since have a 4K tv). We mostly watch Hulu, Disney, and Amazon prime with it. It works well and is cheap. https://www.amazon.com/Roku-Streaming-Stick-HDR-Streaming-Long-range/dp/B075XLWML4
  4. One strange thing is that the offensive installed may favor one QB and not the other. It seems they had to change the playbook to suit Newton. Maybe a lot of the designed runs and RPO are not what you’d call if Jones is in there. Should be interesting to hear from pfw guys if they are allowed to watch practices.
  5. Evidently Barmore fell because there are concerns over his character... https://nesn.com/2021/05/patriots-christian-barmore-why-fell-in-nfl-draft/
  6. Wynn’s fifth year option picked up, and they think Michel’s won’t be... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/03/patriots-pick-up-isaiah-wynns-fifth-year-option-likely-to-decline-sony-michels/
  7. Watch Tre Nixon have a big career now that he is Ernie’s last pick. 🙂 https://youtu.be/wynqMhuDb78
  8. Actually I love everyone. I have short fuse. But know it isn’t your problem it is mine. Sorry. 😀
  9. And before you little dirtbags try run me. Yes I know your teams. And yes I know my own.
  10. I tell you, there would not be six rings on his hand.
  11. Could you imagine if Tom Brady demanded north of 38 million and tried fire his coach and GM?
  12. He should take one for the team if he want win. Got it?
  13. Sorry, but the guy commands north of 30 million and want his coach and GM fired.
  14. I know fans may not like his. But if there was one team that I had to pick that drafts better than the rest it would be Green Bay.
  15. Actually, he had the best hand size and real ease in his class.
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