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  1. Maybe then the numbers here are wrong for Martin? https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/new-england-patriots/
  2. Martin is not in top 51. So that is irrelevant. Jowaun Williams I had them keeping. But I could be convinced he can be cut. Though his contract doesn’t seem in line with a cut given his potential. You highlighted my biggest weakness or decision which was Cody Davis. I might be convinced easily to change my thoughts. I tried to combine pure talent and money involved. Not likely I get everything right, but at least I took a stab. You should post your inside top 51 cuts for clarity. 🙂
  3. We should do that mock draft poll again now we know landing spots.
  4. *Matt Lacosse *Akeem Spence *Tashawn Bower *Leroy Reynolds *Cody Davis *Brandon King *Raekwon McMillan *Dan Vitale *Brandon Bolden *Anfernee Jennings
  5. I should tell you I have them cutting 9 players current in the top 51. I just think certain guys that are getting paid more than others contribute nothing meaningful relatively.
  6. I had already factored in 7.5 million in dead cap money for the guys not on the foster which includes Chung and Edelman retiring.
  7. Well I would have Brown at left tackle. In 2018 he played great there. Some of that allure was how he got out in space and road graded too. For our team that is a heavy plus. However when he went to Raiders he got gimpy, and I had heard he is a bit less mobile now and perhaps carrying too much weight. Combine that with Wynn being injury prone I think in my brain on average we might get on starting tackle our of both of them. Hopefully, and it would be great, if both play to potential and don’t get injured. With Onwenu, I saw a consistent improvement at right tackle throughout the season. So th
  8. I looked at our top 51 and tried to project the final 53. It appears as though after cuts that are straight forward with no bold moves... the amount recovered by cutting some guys and replacing with cheaper options is offset by paying the top rookies this season that would get over the top 51 threshold. So I expect not much change in the salary cap from where we are now due to roster cuts and rookie signings. However, it was said either here or on sport radio we can expect a bump in pay for Gilmore to the tune of 5 million. So if that happens and not other big cuts or signings occur I think Pa
  9. Plus, Wynn might be low mileage this year behind Brown at tackle. So could him as a 1b at left tackle and fill in for the inevitable injuries where Onwenu goes to guard if someone is injured on the interior. Michel seems to be injury prone, and I doubt he makes it an entire feature back and as such he wouldn’t be worth the 5.5 million option. Both guys had a ton of promise when drafted and both have had a lot of lost games due to injuries.
  10. I think tomorrow is deadline to see if Patriots pick up Michel fifth year option.
  11. Plus the agility is a key that aids those smart option read to gain separation. Guys that have natural agility rather than large frame do well. For that reason I think Bourne might do well. And not surprising Harry struggles. He has difficulty separating and hasn’t done much with either QB he has had.
  12. For people that like to watch YouTube highlights and breakdowns here is one for Rhamondre Stevenson. The play at 6:37 is worth watching as it shows how nifty this guys feet are for 230+ pounds. https://youtu.be/XIEeCJlgdqo
  13. Odd to see no UDFA signings yet for Pats. In other years they would have about six or seven by now at least. Also, Belichick said in a press conference this is Ernie Adams last draft for the Pats. Seems he may be retiring? If so congrats to him.
  14. They updated the article. Originally, when I posted, it was questioning where they would go.
  15. Well the pff guys agreed with you. They also gave my Patriots a higher grade than I did. Gave Chicago and Patriots A+ grades. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-draft-grades-all-32-teams
  16. He signed with Seahawks... https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1388641445775507458?s=20
  17. Terry to Seahawks... https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1388629480873218049?s=20
  18. That didn’t take long, undrafted.... now headed to Seahawks according to Pelissero. https://twitter.com/TomPelissero/status/1388629480873218049?s=20
  19. Hopefully Pats get in on the udfa bidding for Terry. https://www.tomahawknation.com/florida-state-football-fsu-seminoles/2021/5/1/22414924/free-agent-tracker-undrafted-marvin-wilson-round-selection-pick-contract-team-nfl-tamorrion-sign
  20. This was the most disappointing landing I saw. ETN in Jax is not great too, but poor Bateman.
  21. Patriots get a A-/B+ from me. I loved the getting Mac Jones without spending collateral and getting Barmore with reasonable trade up collateral. I thought the Perkins pick and Stevenson picks were solid. All other picks I can’t judge much. I knock them for not addressing CB and OT very late. Having said all of that this is the best draft Patriots have had in a long time, I believe. We are used to trading down, then drafting a over each secondary pick in second.... followed by a kicker or long snapper in the fifth.
  22. I am surprised Tomorrion Terry(WR) hasn’t been picked yet. Be nice if he is available if Pats take a dart throw on him. He is tall and fast. But probably a project in terms of route running.
  23. Yes this is true. His profile said he has special teams high upside. Also, this tweet says he played special teams at Oklahoma. https://twitter.com/rochiewbz/status/1388552143674748931?s=21 At the same time Bolden is set to be a free agent, as is White. And the Patriots have to decide immediately if the exercise Michels fifth year option. So it could be they let all three move on next year. After watching highlights of him it seems his feet are quick for a large man. Able to be nifty and nimble even at times. The profile says he has good pass protection skills. So seems like a g
  24. These last few picks... anything interesting about these guys? Seems kind of ho hum.
  25. I was thinking there goes Bolden(assuming he is still on the team). Over the cap shows they can save 1.5 million but have a 0.5 million cap hit if they cut Bolden. Sony actually seemed better to me when he got in last season.
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