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  1. What kind of idiotic deal is this? The parity of trades in here has really nosedive lately. Each one posted is worse than the one before.
  2. Whoever turned that down is nuts. Its a free Jarwin at least.
  3. I see it as even. I rank them Jefferson, Dionte, Hollywood, Deebo. The first 2 on a higher tier than the second 2. I like all 4 players, they're not too far apart, but thats how I rank them. So I'll take the Jefferson/ Hollywood side. Hurd is WW fodder.
  4. The only proven circumstance that has changed with regard to his ability is that he hasnt played. He looked like the same old AB to me last year in the game with the Pats. I dont think anyone expects peak AB numbers ever again, but its not hard to think he can be a WR2 for fantasy purposes and possibly more if and when he sees the field again. There is no evidence his game has fallen off at last check.
  5. If those things happen, I won't be looking to trade him. If he's playing, he's in fantasy starting lineups. Moss? There's a very good chance he doesn't amount to anything, ever. We are talking about the best wide receiver of a generation.
  6. Jones put up 4 games of 30+ points and they all came in very predictable spots. He was the perfect backup QB last year as a rookie. Room for growth. Not a guy to ditch for a terribly average QB and a terribly terrible WR.
  7. Shrug. As soon as AB steps on the field, I expect he becomes more valuable than Moss by a good margin. Getting in before the price jump and understand it could backfire.
  8. FFPC Gave: Zack Moss Got: Antonio Brown I didn't draft Moss, he came in a package deal but was picked at 2.05. I'm not really a believer in him and he was my RB 6 or 7. My team is a contender and I expect AB to sign with Seattle or maybe Baltimore in the near future. I'm sure several will say I overpaid and thats fine. Posting for reference.
  9. Fair deal to me. Metcalf has more sizzle than Chark. Ingram should exceed his perceived value again if games actually happen. Depends on how I view both my team and the projection of that 1st as to which side I prefer.
  10. Not wild about anybody in this deal but in TE premium, gimme Hooper. There are just so many decent WRs out there. Dont really see Williams hitting any kind of ceiling anytime soon as I'm definitely not a believer in Herbert. Value on the Conner side for sure. I'm an Allen fan but RBs you can start are just so much more valuable than QBs. Maybe if Conner is my RB4 or worse and I need a QB, then I might consider a deal with these two, but theres about a 2nd round pick missing here.
  11. My eyeballs kept reading that 2022 pick as a 2nd. So, thats definitely better than I initially thought. I'll downgrade my comments from "brake my wrist" accepting to "think for a couple minutes" before accepting. Part of the problem is my evaluation on Akers and Raegor. If it were Dobbins and Jefferson/Jeudy, I'd like it a lot more. So I guess value is about right unless those future 1sts are from a team with a stacked roster.
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