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  1. That's awesome! I'd love to hear more stuff like this. From the website: "* The Secretary of State’s office has entered an agreement with the Alabama Department of Public Health whereby a free birth or marriage certificate will be provided to the processing or issuing agent when a voter needs one of these documents in order to obtain a free Alabama photo voter ID card." Hooray!
  2. Yes, absolutely! You (and I) live in a system where it became societally acceptable to require photo identification as a means to vote. Again, accounting for all the associated costs with travelling to polling places, waiting in long lines, obtaining government documents, we have stratified the population to the point where groups of people have become incredibly marginalized from participating in the political process by voting. I hate to break it to you....
  3. This claim is untrue. http://sharedprosperityphila.org/documents/Revised-ID-Waiver-Appendices-5.15.15.pdf This report from 2015 states that the cost to obtain a photo ID by state is mean $17.50 and median $16. I looked up a few that were <$10 and some were still under $10 -- but not free -- and some were over $10. This does not take into account the part which you bolded in quoting the article which said "the costs associated with voter ID laws". From obtaining transportation to getting the documents required to get an ID (birth certificate, utility bills, etc...), we can suggest
  4. https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.7758/rsf.2021.7.1.08 "Legacies of Segregation and Disenfranchisement: The Road from Plessy to Frank and Voter ID Laws in the United States" The above was an excellent recently released read. If you would read anything from the article it should be: "In their operation, voter ID laws are effective holdovers from the Jim Crow era in their capacity to circumscribe political access, particularly for Black and Latino voters. Because of the burdens associated with costs prohibiting would-be voters, voter ID laws operate as modern-day poll taxes. Althoug
  5. @The Gator The Manchester City 4 - 1 Wolves game from last week got their stats completely erased? Our Gündoğan got all his stats from the second game of that gameweek erased, and this seems to have happened to all the other City players as well. I think this is just a fantrax thing but currently that is costing us a win.
  6. perhaps this is endemic among a populace whose public school system has been severely underfunded and neglected to the point that it was not able to teach critical thinking. interestingly enough i don't really blame the media, if i was a journalist in their position i would probably do the same thing to make money. nonetheless, it would be disingenuous to say that the media does not at the very least sensationalise violent events, and this definitely applies to "both sides" -- as in both sides are overly represented as violent. https://acleddata.com/2020/09/03/demonstrations-poli
  7. ok, here's a softball: should the electoral college be abolished?
  8. @Sinn Fein Are we running waivers tonight or tomorrow, if at all? *Edit* the W (Thu) might help if I knew how to read sorry
  9. i just wanted karma for a certain soccer matchup happening this weekend
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