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  1. perhaps this is endemic among a populace whose public school system has been severely underfunded and neglected to the point that it was not able to teach critical thinking. interestingly enough i don't really blame the media, if i was a journalist in their position i would probably do the same thing to make money. nonetheless, it would be disingenuous to say that the media does not at the very least sensationalise violent events, and this definitely applies to "both sides" -- as in both sides are overly represented as violent. https://acleddata.com/2020/09/03/demonstrations-poli
  2. ok, here's a softball: should the electoral college be abolished?
  3. @Sinn Fein Are we running waivers tonight or tomorrow, if at all? *Edit* the W (Thu) might help if I knew how to read sorry
  4. i just wanted karma for a certain soccer matchup happening this weekend
  5. i really like this argument, you know. it's the perfect mix of faux-xenophobia and lack of substance "The destructive fools who hold and have held positions of power in society who would incarcerate, oppress and otherwise persecute me and destroy my property simply for my socioeconomic status, religion, criminal status, sexual orientation or race, are on the other side of the debate."
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