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  1. Good point here. Theres a chance someone draftS Pitts at 1.02 and youd be wishing you had the 1.03 pick back
  2. Agreed, that offer wont get him to trade that pick. Although, maybe hes not competitive because he constantly makes bad trades
  3. I would make that trade. But I understand why youre uneasy about it. Saquon can single handedly win matches. Especially in a 12 team league with talent spread thinner, it looks appealing to me
  4. 1QB league PPR. My team is in contention but barely. Would you trade away Henry for the 1.01 (Id likely take Harris since Im stronger in WRs then RBs).
  5. I got Henry and Sanders for notable RBs. Mostert, Michel and Howard on the bench My team is easily a playoff team but the top two teams are lightyears ahead of the rest of the league..
  6. Does DD think youre in a start 2QB league?
  7. Im in a 10 team PPR dynasty league. Ive been offered Gurkey if I give up the 2.02 pick (12th overall pick). I have the 6th and 8th picks also. Keep the pick or pick up Gurkey?
  8. Would it be worth it to you if I could get pick 1.01? That manager told me its up for grabs
  9. I have the 1.06, 1.08, and 1.12 in our upcoming dynasty rookie draft. Should I try to trade away 2 of these picks to move up or is this rookie class so great that Im better off having more picks?? Also Im in a total rebuild, will not be competitive this year Thanks in advance
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