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  1. Isn't it more that the myriad of whatever JG was putting in his body, could have potentially covered up performance enhancing substances? That's why they don't allow it in other sports.
  2. He was obviously sold on their plans going forward and he isn't playing on last years team, he's playing on next years team. Those future plans, and the expectation that their raw potential develops further must have been pretty convincing.
  3. Josh Allen's success as a very raw, small school guy with all the physical attributes you'd want will see someone take this guy top 10, and some franchises looking to move up to do so I reckon.
  4. I have been trying to get a deal similar to this done, but shifting Juju out. Juju and the 2.14 for 2022 mid-early 1st and 2.07 Hasn't quite gone over the line yet though.
  5. Biggest difference maker in the NFL.
  6. Possibly. I'm a Steeler and I'd be looking for excuses not to take whoever landed in Pittsburgh after the season they've just had. They didn't really even try to get the running game going this year, despite having a dominant D and what seemed to be the perfect situation to run the ball. Worst rushing attack in the entire league. James Conner is actually quite a good running back, he's not special, but it's absolutely not for his lack of talent that they were as inept as they were. They didn't even try most of the time. Roethlisberger largely led this offense and he didn't seem
  7. Kareem Hunt and a late 2021 3rd for 1.10 Happened in a league I'm in.
  8. Many fantasy analysts were saying in this pre-season that Henry was a fade.
  9. He's leaving mate. At this point there's really no reason to keep him.
  10. If he gets 450 yards over the next 2 games and Mahomes and Rodgers are underwhelming, you never know. That'd be the all time rushing record. Hard to look past him if he's broken that record.
  11. I'll let you know what happens. Gonna be a lot more fun drafting towards the end than at the beginning, seeing how it all unfolds, that's for sure. Means I get to scout many more players as well
  12. This I could have done perhaps. Dude I traded with seems like he wants to make moves now though, that opportunity to do this may not have been there in a few months time.
  13. Yeah I get that. 2019 was particularly bad and lacking in depth though. I'm just thoroughly unconvinced by those top 2 running backs. It seems highly unlikely that the 2022 first rounder I got will be outside the top 5 either. Right now I don't need to gamble on players I'm unconvinced by. I should have 2 picks (neither of them my own) in the top 5 in 2022 class which I think looks much better at the top end for running backs. Gotta stand by your convictions in this game.
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