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  1. Trying to trade for this guy. Tight End is so dead but a red zone first read pass catcher playing with Josh Allen for the next few years seems valuable.
  2. Juju, Conner, 2022 1st (probably pick 4-9) for Aaron Jones 14 team standard.
  3. Absolutely love this guy. Got many, many 2022 picks in anticipation of taking him.
  4. I'm not seeing it with Sermon either.
  5. Mixon with zero competition for touches and coaches speaking 3 down back talk. Swift with a lot of other players around him to eat potential workload, Williams, Kerryon, Jermar Jefferson. I guess that's the thought process. Not involved personally but just an interesting one I saw worth sharing.
  6. I acquired the 1.02 in a trade from the previous year where I gave up 1.11 from 2020 for a 2021 1st. Turned into 2 overall. I then traded 1.02 for a 2022 1st, 23 1st, 1.09. Someone was thirsty for Harris/Chase it seems. Then traded 1.09 for a 22 1st and 2.14. Then traded 2.14 for a 22 2nd. I then traded my actual pick, 1.13, for a 22 1st. I have no 21 picks now and I feel good about that.
  7. I must have been, because I've sort of subconsciously kicked all my draft picks to next year and 23. But it does seem even less than anticipated.
  8. Now they've mostly landed, is this class actually that good? Because I'm not seeing that many 'can't miss' players in Dynasty personally. There are obviously some good ones near the top but the drop seems to be abrupt and drastic, and I'm not as enamoured with the peak guys at the top as I normally would be. Seems like an underwhelming year, on paper at least, especially considering how it was being talked about as deep beforehand.
  9. Will they need to sling it? D still looks good to me. Don't think they're gonna be in that many shootouts. Even the divisional games all look like attritional affairs.
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