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  1. No dice. Had most of my ‘play money’ tied up with some other stocks and never got around to grabbing LODE. Too bad.... thanks for sharing, though.
  2. Same here. I just chatted with them and they said the company has not provided enough information to allow them to trade. I asked if it will be that way going forward and was told to just keep trying. Weird...
  3. Looks like the new Progressive commercials. Oh brother...
  4. Curious about this one.... what are your buddy's thoughts/reasons? Thanks, CGR.
  5. Got it. Thank you, sir. FTW, for sure!!
  6. Does that mean you are completely out...or am I misinterpreting your comment? Either way, thanks for the heads-up on this one.
  7. I'm having the same dilemma with my MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL and FB stocks. They've done well for me and I am finding it difficult to sell some of them to free up cash for other short-term plays. I guess it's like drafting a player and having him do great for you for 7-8 weeks and then having to decide whether or not to trade him for a playoff run. You have a good feeling that the players you get back will be more valuable for you, but its so tough to let go of one of your picks/babies. Such a mind-F....need to take emotion out of it.
  8. Morning, everyone. Hope this doesn't break etiquette but I wanted to move this to the 'front' for some more of the weekday eyes to see it, just in case there are some nice opportunities today/this week. Thanks.
  9. I guess my thought was (and I should have mentioned it in my original post) — I’ve had these for a little while and have probably doubled my initial investment (give or take). I recall a few folks mentioning that a good strategy could be to sell some of them to get my cost basis to $0 on what’s left. That’s where the question stemmed from — is there more upside value in some of Todem’s list (for example) versus a steady uptick in what I currently have? Thx.
  10. Hey, folks. Been around these boards for a while now and just decided to jump in the water. First off, thanks to everyone in this forum for your insight and knowledge (special shout-out to Chet and Todem, from my personal portfolio). I’ve got about $5k in holdings between apple, google, Facebook and Microsoft. I’ve had them for a while now and was wondering if you think they have more or less hit their apex in value/upside. I was thinking about selling them and using the cash to play some of the companies mentioned here (most specifically, from Todem’s list). Good idea to go after some more potential gains, or just stick with the ‘proven winners’ I have? FYI - mid 40’s and the majority of my retirement will (hopefully) be funded via my 401(k), so I’m not completely relying on these stocks. Thanks, gang!!!
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