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  1. I’m looking for 23 other Pro Wrestling Fans to join me in a brand-new unique Wrestling Themed redraft. I know its super early to be talking redrafts, but I’m excited about this league and think other wrestling fans will be too. What makes this league unique besides being wrestling themed? -Owners must name teams after professional wrestlers. Commish has final approval on names. -Each week is named after a PPV and the winner each week wins $100. -Tag Teams-There is a tag team tourney, where the winning team splits $350. -After week 13, the Wrestler with the most
  2. @Chemical X Once we are full I will email everyone. You may recognize some of the email address. So far everyone that has joined are from fantasy leagues I’m in or from fantasy football forums. @tonysmiles I sent you a message with the info to join. Thanks
  3. Anyone interested in joining the Superbowl square gaem listed below please email me fmlcommish@yahoo.com. We are about half full. Thanks Super Sunday Showdown Squares contest. Entry fee is $100 and is limited to 25 participants. Each participant will get to pick 4 squares. There is a total of 100 squares in this contest. The contest will be held on superbowlpoolsite.com and entry fee will be paid through Paypal. Winnings will be paid out by 7AM the Monday after the Superbowl. Contest finances: 25 entrants at $ 100= $2500, 100% paid out in cash prizes.
  4. Looking to fill some teams in a unique 64 team redraft league set up like the March Madness Tournament that is entering our 5th year. Overview posted below. The current open teams and link to the league is below that. If you want to join go to the MFL page and on the message board you will find a link to leaguesafe as well as a list of open teams. Once you pay email me with your top 2 or 3 teams you’d like and I will get you set up. Team names, divisions, graphics are set. Owners are not permitted to change them. $1k Football Madness League League Overview: •The idea
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