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  1. I just added him yesterday and he finally shows life. You're welcome
  2. More I've thought about it more open I've gotten to voting Biden and GOP down ticket assuming Barrett is confirmed I don't see how a country can take 4 more years of this and I don't see what's left of the Republican Party after 8 years of Trump I'd probably oppose Biden soon after he's elected but still: overall... An endorsement from George W Bush, Romney or Paul Ryan would probably clinch my vote Court packing and gun rights still scare me though
  3. I am sorry: I was told he was the 4th best player in the NFL How is this possible?
  4. Feeling pretty confident Baltimore's aggressive secondary doesn't match up well with Mahomes/Reid and their front 7 doesn't scream "get pressure without blitzing" to me 34-23 Chiefs--not as close as the score indicates
  5. I was told that he would never again catch a pass because of how great Ceedee was
  6. I'd take him over Chuba Hubbard No joke 1st rounder in dynasty drafts pending 1st round capital and a decent landing spot
  7. I think the Jets should look at replacing Gase with Matt Patricia after the Lions fire him. Replacing the worst coach in the league with the 2nd worse coach in the league seems like the surest way to guarantee an upgrade
  8. And McCoy He got dropped in my dynasty league lol People were taking him in the first round of rookie drafts
  9. I think I would too Tannehill seems to be answering questions about whether last year was a fluke and the Titans passing game looks better and more fantasy friendly than I imagined--all without their best WR
  10. That's fair In redraft I liked Diontae a lot more at his 7th-8th round price than Brown at his 3rd-4th but long term I don't think it's clear
  11. Sam Darnold certainly wishes How is he overrated? 1000 yards on 84 targets as a rookie with Mariota for almost half the season--not to mention a physical freak I have both too so it's not ownership bias
  12. Metcalf, AJ Brown and then he's tied with McLaurin for me because of this (QB) That said Steelers are a competent franchise I am sure they'll find someone
  13. Assuming you started in a TE spot it wasn't too bad today Hope you didn't flex him though
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