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  1. Ive come around on him As long as Carr is QB Waller is a top half TE1
  2. Of Washington/Saints/Bucs, which is most likely to have a 2017 Jaguars, 2018 Bears or 2019 49ers/Steelers type breakout and dominance--not just a streamer Wondering if in dynasty better to grab one of those as a possible trade chip or take a deep shot on a RB/WR instead
  3. No, no. This is their year I swear. Especially after their offseason AFC West Championship streak was just broken this summer. It just means things are changing (as in going from under achievers to cellar dwellers) Seriously though I like the Eagles this week. Colts too but that's obvious. Avoid NE: Miami can play Under the radar: Titans if Sutton sits maybe. You could do worse
  4. I agree on the ADI for affirmative action Vegetarians are usually associated with being tree hugging progressives from my experience (not that they should be)
  5. I don't want to support Trump especially in a swing state. I despise him. Even as a really moderate Republican for small government/2nd amendment/pro capitalism reasons I wrote in Mitt Romney/voted down ballot Red in 2016 and by Democrat standards I don't hate Biden. He's a decent guy and relatively moderate. But when his side believes me to be inferior and seeks to deprive me of opportunity solely on the basis of my race (Asian) I see no other choice. And then throw in Kamala being that close to being president Still genuinely undecided between Trump and just voting down ballot but
  6. I meant buy for a team truly built to contend this season with a weakness at WR2/WR3
  7. Not top 5 even without Thomas imo but he is being underrated on his standalone value. New Orleans WR2 can easily be a backend top 20 WR--especially considering how well the skillsets of Brees and Sanders mesh Big redraft value target and buy for a true contender in dynasty With no Thomas I am thinking low WR1 is easily possible with high WR2 being a bit more likely
  8. Certainly could Ideally they'd fire Gase and give Darnold a real coach But if they are in a position to take a top 3 QB maybe not Either way though unless Darnold goes full Trubisky I think he will be fine Even if the Jets take a QB, Darnold has shown enough to get traded to a team looking for their QB of the future but not picking high enough to draft one (Colts, Saints. Steelers, Bucs)--may even be better for him in the long run Even Rosen who was way worse with a comparable supporting cast got a 2nd chance (before he sucked there too)
  9. Bad in the 1st round Good after that--though I agree the Seahawks have had some crappy drafts lately and that is going to hurt them big in these last prime years of Wilson
  10. Really risky deal but I feel with my team likely not top 2 and the possibility of a lost season--at least for fantasy purposes I had to do it SF 0.5 PPR Give: Michael Thomas+2022 3rd Get: DJ Chark+D'Andre Swift+2021 1st (likely top 5)+2022 1st (likely top 3 with how old his team is) Hurt to accept but I figured in a year MT will be 28 coming off another great year--but worse than his 2018--with Taysom Hill likely at QB, and didn't think I'd ever get this much value for him At least I rode him to a championship last year
  11. I actually think he is fine on the drug front. I guess though with drug problems you never know With or without that though I see zero case to have Waller at TE3 ahead of a player who was a better prospect, was more productive last year, is on a better offense, the unchallenged number 1 passing option on that offense, tied to a 23 year old reigning MVP at QB and is flat out better while also being younger
  12. He will have his role without a doubt. I see it capped out at low TE1. In redraft: Way rather gamble on Goedert or Gesicki a few rounds later and the limited target competition they have (Ertz, no one) and (Parker, no one) or at similar ADP: Hunter Henry (who I just think is a better player and also only has KA to deal with) or Hurst (who has more passing volume and a better QB despite more competition) In dynasty I imagine that role progressively shrinking as Ruggs and Edwards get better and command more targets, as Foster Moreau develops in the way I imagine he will and possibly ev
  13. The making fun of the Raiders is something I would have done regardless of the pick. In case you missed the "KC" part, I hate the Raiders That aside: my laughing at the Ruggs pick was before I had seen him. I still like Jeudy more even after watching Ruggs but seeing him did raise my ranking of him from mid to late 2nd to early 2nd/late 1st. Still like Jeudy, Jefferson, Lamb and Mims more and Pittman just as much and can't ignore how big of an outlier Ruggs would be to "hit" with how little he produced in college Sure but again I don't think you are considering that Ruggs isn't Jo
  14. Fair enough. Rosen was considered pro ready but I don't think anyone wanted to throw in a guy considered to have issues with mobility/being a statue being the Cardinals OL. Sam Bradford sucking so much he had to be cut after 3 games pressed the issue I do agree that the Gruden bit was an issue. He is better than Wilks in a vacuum but should have been fired before last year if they were set on Haskins or they should just not have picked Haskins and listened to Gruden I just don't think Tua is the type of prospect you pass on though when your QB hasn't shown anything yet. Jos
  15. You can play this same excuse game with Rosen--who had an even worse supporting cast in the 2018 Cardinals (IMO the worst NFL team of the last few years-worse than the 0-16 Browns) and a way worse head coach in Steve Wilks (Gruden was definitely better than that guy) Hitting on a QB is more important than anything else I really doubt the Cardinals are regretting taking Kyler over Bosa because they "only" got a 2nd for Rosen (who is now worthless) Admittedly I never liked Haskins as a prospect. Thought he was a late 2nd/early 3rd rounder propped up by playing at Ohio State. Certa
  16. I mean if we are being honest: them picking Tua would have meant Dwayne getting traded. Taking Tua and then dealing him in camp for less than the number 2 pick would have been a real Adam Gase move
  17. I still can't believe they didn't pick Tua and dump selfie man for whatever random 2nd or 3rd they could have gotten. I really thought Rivera had the guts to do it Might take the Cardinals having some success for teams to realize finding a legit QB>>>all I bet they're sure regretting passing on "generational" Bosa and having him and Chandler Jones dominate up front only to go 3-13 every year because Rosen sucks 🙄
  18. Have you watched Ruggs? I am not very high on him at all, and laughed when the Raiders took him over Jeudy until I realized that meant the Broncos were getting Jeudy. Actually I was really low on him and had him right near Edwards until I saw some more of him and bumped him up a bit--still at the consensus or even slightly below it, but this is what I saw He is not what you expect from speed WRs like Reagor, Ross or Hollywood He is not a complete WR at all and there's a reason he didn't produce much at Alabama BUT a ton of his work comes after the catch underneath on slants and
  19. It's not Witten to worry about. I don't even know why that guy is still playing It's the rookie WRs (Ruggs mainly and to a lesser extent Edwards)--who regardless of whether they turn into stars or not--clearly look to be a part of the Raiders' future plans It's Foster Moreau--a sophomore TE who showed promise and high end age adjusted efficiency to go along with a similarly (to Waller) elite athletic profile And it's the guy at QB who for some reason is expected to feed all these guys. And if Jacobs gets receiving work that throws another wrench Waller is a good
  20. I woulda held Gallup short of a late 1st with the uncertainty over the CFB season: to me it devalues 2021 picks a notch. A random second is just too cheap for a WR who just broke out WR2 territory in his sophomore year Even with Lamb the Cowboys have one of the highest vacated target totals in the league--more than enough for Gallup to stay at his current production and for Lamb to get his for a quality rookie year Edmonds is a nice hold too but unless you have Drake I can understand selling for a 3rd I don't know your roster crush so maybe it was needed but value wise I th
  21. The Cam one still hurts. It might be his worth, but the hype is going to grow to a point someone will pay a 2nd at some point in the next few weeks The Mims one..idk. I like Mims and Edwards, but Cooks will be solid as Houston’s WR1 this year. Steelers D is one of the top 3 best options at the position to me along with the Ravens and 49ers but as a whole I think on the clock with a 1st this year you could have squeezed more. I have seen guys pay a 2021/2022 1st to move into the 2nd round this year let alone the first.
  22. I think the division is the weakest in football wide open for the taking BUT If I were a Lions fan I'd be totally good with bottoming out and getting rid of Fatty P ...as opposed to going 8-8, finishing one game out of a playoff spot and bringing him back With that said, the roster looks too good to be to truly bottom out if Stafford stays healthy
  23. And now that I think about it: the Redskins D wouldn't as formidable without Chase Young. I guess they can still get their QB next year--or Haskins can improve. That's still an option I guess
  24. It isn't ideal but his day is coming. I also moved him this offseason because I was set on TE and probably sold a bit low but he is far far far far more talented than Higbee in every possible way. I would only have moved him for help at a different position
  25. Interesting. Is this SF? I would take one of the top 3 RBs over Ridley and Conner above Miller though not by much Team needs dependent IMO and also have to consider how the pick turns out
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