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  1. I just added him yesterday and he finally shows life. You're welcome
  2. More I've thought about it more open I've gotten to voting Biden and GOP down ticket assuming Barrett is confirmed I don't see how a country can take 4 more years of this and I don't see what's left of the Republican Party after 8 years of Trump I'd probably oppose Biden soon after he's elected but still: overall... An endorsement from George W Bush, Romney or Paul Ryan would probably clinch my vote Court packing and gun rights still scare me though
  3. I am sorry: I was told he was the 4th best player in the NFL How is this possible?
  4. Feeling pretty confident Baltimore's aggressive secondary doesn't match up well with Mahomes/Reid and their front 7 doesn't scream "get pressure without blitzing" to me 34-23 Chiefs--not as close as the score indicates
  5. I was told that he would never again catch a pass because of how great Ceedee was
  6. I'd take him over Chuba Hubbard No joke 1st rounder in dynasty drafts pending 1st round capital and a decent landing spot
  7. I think the Jets should look at replacing Gase with Matt Patricia after the Lions fire him. Replacing the worst coach in the league with the 2nd worse coach in the league seems like the surest way to guarantee an upgrade
  8. And McCoy He got dropped in my dynasty league lol People were taking him in the first round of rookie drafts
  9. I think I would too Tannehill seems to be answering questions about whether last year was a fluke and the Titans passing game looks better and more fantasy friendly than I imagined--all without their best WR
  10. That's fair In redraft I liked Diontae a lot more at his 7th-8th round price than Brown at his 3rd-4th but long term I don't think it's clear
  11. Sam Darnold certainly wishes How is he overrated? 1000 yards on 84 targets as a rookie with Mariota for almost half the season--not to mention a physical freak I have both too so it's not ownership bias
  12. Metcalf, AJ Brown and then he's tied with McLaurin for me because of this (QB) That said Steelers are a competent franchise I am sure they'll find someone
  13. Assuming you started in a TE spot it wasn't too bad today Hope you didn't flex him though
  14. He was a stud at Tulane too High YPR, target share, solid breakout age/dominator
  15. Omaha product and one of the only things Kansas football has gotten right RIP
  16. Tyler Lockett but with Mitch Trubisky instead of Wilson
  17. He was dropped in my league Was never a huge fan but not even wondering if he's worth an end of bench stash
  18. I had such high hopes from him as Jamaal Charles's successor
  19. I have been on the breakout train since the end of last year and I see no reason that last week isn't the start of a special season Preston Williams has underwhelmed and Parker is dinged up
  20. His name is Ryan Tannehill. That's literally it
  21. It was always lip service How many people do you know who lean right or center but vote Dem solely because they love abortion? How many do you know who are center or even slightly left on most things but vote single issue on abortion? The RNC knows this and that touching Roe creates an emboldened Dem base and loses some of those single issue abortion voters Of course with people like Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton rising and considered (frighteningly) considered 2024 candidates and SCOTUS justices the inmates seem to think they run the asylum A Nikki Haley/Tim Scott/Ben Sasse/etc nomination can still preserve the party in a short run and--assuming the market crashes in the next year or two like I expect--even win the Presidency if someone as unlikeable (by the center, center-right, far left and more) as Kamala Harris is the Dem nominee (as the incumbent "vice" **wink wink** President she would probably start off as a favorite)--especially Haley or Scott imo would be very tough candidates for Democrats to beat: Most voters dgaf that they tepidly backed Trump--they can look at policies/rhetoric/and the obvious: race/background and see the farthest thing from Trump possible But long term the GOPs problem is that they have no establishment that the voters respect: Dubya gave up on small government, started wars, ballooned the deficit, enacted the Patriots Act and left us 8 years of Obama and 2 of Dem undivided govt and a Senate supermajority Bush Sr (he alone sums up my problem with the Republican base--our last truly intellectual President and his own party hated him for not being a stubborn ideologue) appointed a leftie to the SCOTUS and raised taxes Romney/McCain/Dole lost and Paul Ryan tried to pass immigration reform The reason Bernie couldn't beat the DNC establishment is because the Dem establishment has actually done stuff to satisfy the base (for now--as the base moves farther and father left they will have a similar problem) and thus had the credibility to warn against Bernie. They had a voice in Obama who could resonate across the base and get Klobuchar/Pete to drop out and Warren to stay in before Super Tuesday--knowing it would split the far left and coalesce the others around Biden Maybe if Reagan were alive, his criticism could have derailed Trump (if he wasn't himself derailed from dementia) or he could have gotten Cruz/Kasich to drop out and coalesce around compromise Rubio vs Trump with his plurality not majority base (in which case I imagine the virus would have taken less of a toll and President Rubio would be cruising to re election) But as it stands there's no one whose voice resonates because no one has delivered I would hope that the establishment has learned enough from 2016 to be much more decisive in the 2024 primaries but who knows And really just the Republican voters need to turn out in the primaries. Can't complain about crazy candidates if only the crazies show up to vote in the primaries. I refuse to believe (polls or not) that most (>50%) Republican voters wouldn't prefer Trump's policies in a different package to this
  22. You'll beat the Falcons as long as Dan Quinn is coaching them and Chargers (I think you swept them last year) imo but lose to the Bills and maybe the Bucs. Allen in particular is an awful matchup for Guenther's D from what I have seen. Bucs I could see being a Saints redux but I have a hard time thinking that they don't hit their stride at some point Broncos sweep would have been tough imo but with their team dead that should happen I'd give you better than a fighting chance next week and against us on SNF in Las Vegas--but loss seems like the more probably result Overall 10-6
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