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  1. I'm just now realizing I'm being trolled by Sho Nuff. Have a good night. Shouldn't have wasted my time on a guy who was just playing games the whole time...
  2. Am I wrong for asking Sho Nuff why he thought one of my posts was NOT honest or earnest? When somebody suggests you're not being honest, they should be able to easily explain that, right? I strive to always be a better person, so when someone gives me such HARSH criticism essentially calling me a liar. Am I not entitled to an explanation? And if no explanation is given, doesn't that just make Sho Nuff a guy who runs around calling people liars... "but doesn't want to talk about it". That's literally TROLLING. I mean, if this guy is autistic or something I'll
  3. Good posting. I think i might add him to my ignore list too. Where can I find that feature? Link? Unbelievable for somebody to question your integrity and then not offer an explanation. Maybe I expect too much from internet strangers?
  4. Imagine if I randomly questioned your intent and integrity @sho nuff. Then I decided that you aren't worth an explanation or apology. How would you feel about me? Golden rule, pal.
  5. If you're going to question the integrity of somebody's opinion, you owe them an explanation. Well, you don't owe anyone anything but it makes someone a coward in my book.
  6. It's as easy as saying, "my bad" or "I made a mistake". Hell, I can even rationalize you were being intellectually dishonest and making fun of my opinion. But you dancing around what you said to me and pretending like you're clueless disgusts me. You seem to know EXACTLY what is going on in every other situation @sho nuff. You're a smart guy. But suddenly you don't know what's going on!!! Even though I quoted my original post multiple times asking specifically what YOU thought wasn't earnest or honest about it.
  7. Others isn't you. You insulted me directly saying my first post wants earnest or honest. You owe me an explanation for YOUR WORDS. When I ask for you for an explanation, you keep referring to other people and posts. MAN UP AND BE ACCOUNTABLE If you're not going to explain your inflammatory comments you make to others. Keep your ### on the sidelines.
  8. I'm going to ask you again @sho nuff. What was not earnest and honest about this post?
  9. No, you're proving my point. You attacked my original post. When asked for what was wrong with my FIRST POST you ignore it. You kicked my sand castle down and are acting like the victim.
  10. Listen pal, if someone is questioning you when you say you're trying to have an honest conversation. THEY BETTER have an explanation as to why what you said wasn't that. Otherwise it's just an insult to me character. I'm on TEAM BLUE FFS.
  11. @sho nuff Come on Sho Nuff. If you're going to run your mouth. WHAT about this post isn't fostering earnest and honest discussion? Because I shared an opinion about how the destruction of cities by young liberals isn't helping the Democrats chances? If you're going to run your mouth, please back it up. Because you're being completely ignorant saying this post wasn't earnest and honest discussion. WHAT ABOUT THIS POST ISN'T EARNEST OR HONEST?
  12. @sho nuff What about my first post suggested I don't want honest and earnest discussion? Or are you just talking crap for laughs?
  13. What was wrong with my first post? Suggesting that the young kids ruined the election for the Democrats? The second post was unhinged. But the first was fine. BE BETTER.
  14. I gotta admit, that put me back in a good mood. Thanks for sharing. 😂
  15. Also, does it not seem strange to anyone that Trump hasn't mentioned or run any ads of Joe Biden sniffing / touching children? Republicans are saving that ammo for when the polls actually mean something. Expect those advertisements to show up as we get closer to election day. Also expect Donald Trump to eviscerate Joe Biden over the topic during the debates. But sure, this is all one big funny game! Democrats have this one in the bag. Definitely a good time for us to be joking around and not worrying about the optics surrounding our candidate, platform, and base.
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