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  1. Some of this is all very true and I've long beaten the ARob bandwagon. Right now, and I just checked, the prices on these two guys and their ADP is about eleven spaces in a startup draft. They've flip flopped since the draft. That's really close. Higgins actually brings more value in trade calcs, according to at least DLF. I understand your lament about an undervalued Robinson, though. I've had him in redraft (can't quite seem to pull the trigger in dynasty) for two straight years and he's produced greatly. That said, since I've watched him fairly intently, I can tell you that he's not g
  2. Round 375 - Breakup Song - Liability - Lorde Just love how the object of her affection is ambiguous enough to trick one enough to wonder until we realize... Round 376 - Breakup Song - New Girlfriend - Mr. T Experience The masters of neurotic "Why don't you love me? I mean, I know why, but why?" break-up punk rock give in to a little celebration and tell their ex to kiss off. Mature, fellas, mature. It's a breakup song because it's clearly directed at the former lover.
  3. Tee Higgins should go straight up for Robinson almost. That's a free 1.10, if you ask me.
  4. Round 377 - Meta - STATIC - Ready, Steady, Go - Generation X I'm still in love with the Beatles I was in love with the Stones, no satisfaction I was in love with Bobby Dylan Because I'm in love with Rock'n'Roll
  5. Hey Pip, Rock's doing fine. Thanks for asking. He got a bit of a haircut and is scared to show his face. Bangs are all gone on that boy and it looks like his Momma put a soup bowl on her forehead and then his. Anyway, he'll probably be around tonight, or tmrw he'll be around. It wasn't that bad of a clip, I told him. I lied.
  6. Round 380 - How Bizarre - Threw It On The Ground - Lonely Island Who would have known how prophetic this would be in 2021? The production is actually a lot like El-P's and the paranoia is a send-up, too. If this is too comedic vs. bizarre, I'll re-pick. Tons of skate and surf songs out there. I always just found this a riotous send-up when it first came out.
  7. Figure if k4 comes back tomorrow, maybe I can jump in? Round 378 - Meta - STATIC - Punk Guy - NOFX Crazier than G.G. More P.C. than Ian Got colored teeth like Johnny Exudes a Vicious disposition His hair stick out like Colin's then he jumps Similar to Springa, he points his middle finger... He was the punkest mother####er I ever did see Aw, hell, he was even more punk than me He should have been on the cover He should have been on the cover He should have been on the cover of Punk and Disorderly Round 379 - Grrrls - Riding On The Rocket - Shonen Knife
  8. So people should really be quiet about a new language foisted upon them for fear of being doxxed and outed? Seems like that kowtows a bit too much to those who would use nefarious ends to promote questionable means.
  9. "As Clean And Clear As A Day Of Cycling" doesn't have quite the same hook as "Go, Baby, Go," does it? Lied Rice. Christmas.
  10. That's not grammar Naziism, nor is it the syntax police. Those are things irrelevant to the point the speaker is making. What you did is demonstrate a complete inability to spell an easy name that one would know if one were familiar with the subject. If I couldn't spell a VP's last name and I were set to criticize him or his family -- and it's a fairly easy name to spell that was in the news a lot -- I'd check my opinion at the door and probably remain silent on the issue. But everybody's mileage is gonna vary, and people will just blah blah blah whether they know anything about the subject or
  11. I was going to comment on your draft as a Jets fan, but you guys don't need my opinion. So I pretty much deleted my post. Good day, and good luck to the Giants.
  12. I always thought this was a bit of an overwrought song (what by them isn't?) by a band that isn't necessarily that big of a favorite of mine, but the guitar tone on this is so incredible. Watching It Might Get Loud confirms The Edge is a guitar savant without many peers when it comes to effects. Of all the modern guitar players, he also deserves to be here. Bonus.woodstock - U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name - Guitar Hero
  13. I remember seeing this video in public at the Lucky Bar in Washington D.C. during a happy hour with mixed company, just hanging out with the audio on. Got very quiet. Ahem. Round 350 - D'Angelo - Untitled (How Does It Feel) - KLUV & WSEX
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