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  1. Don't let the dislike of the album fool you about my love for Kanye. There's a reason I started the thread, after all. woodstock out.
  2. Mets players boo their fans. Somehow when you're shelling out a bunch of disposable income that could be otherwise spent to have players boo you and basically point to their unit, you're just...I don't know. Yes, it would be nice and contrarian and very Gawkerish or whatever player-friendly labor-friendly idiocy one requires these days to be truly hip and to take the schmoozy players' side and be player-friendly, but do they really ####in' deserve it? Can't you just shut your mouth at that salary, or vent in other ways? Like, address the media, and say that you're sorry you're having a ####ty year and that you're trying everything to make it right, it just isn't going that way and for the fans to boo if they feel so obliged. How ####### hard is humility at 300 million a contract? Lindor can eat me, really. That's from all the fans. These guys aren't labor. They're all mini-corporations with PR departments and brands. From me to them: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You guys suck.
  3. No, he's fine. I wrote him. I just wanted to update the "Donda" and Drake thread. I'll have to check with the narrator to find out how that all went. Narrator: Both albums suck and Kanye and Drake are a decade-plus past their primes. The expiration date is way past due, it's just that the next generation hasn't built anything resembling a following like they pulled. If you thought pop culture was fragmented when they rose to prominence, you can't even imagine now.
  4. I'd sorta hoped this guy cashed out when he should have and let the schtick and ego fall by the wayside, but it seems like he doesn't. He was fine for the late nineties and early aughts, but eventually everybody turns into Larry King in that industry if they stick around too long.
  5. I actually had gotten what you were putting down and assented. I know church music, too, having grown up Catholic and having had attended whiter Protestant churches. It can be terrible.
  6. Tyler, The Creator should win album of the year. That's the album to be listening to this year.
  7. Track Twelve "No Friends In The Industry" Still waiting for the hits, guys. I now see fit to fast forward and skip around. Ahhh, track nineteen. Finally? Rick Ross saves this? How does a C.O. save a terrible album? I don't know, but he is. He and Future on track seven. But now we've got chillwave samples that are replacing the good soul samples. Oof.
  8. Gospel music is total fire. Jesus Walks is one of my favorite rap songs. Period. Ever. Bom-bom-bom bom bom bom
  9. Young Thug killing Drake. Let the young guys do it if you're going to go with trap beats. Just guest host a bit and then let them do their thing, if you ask me. Next song: TSU Swisha House - really? I will say this. This is some all-star stuff. I can get into this track, actually. Houston in the house.
  10. I did it. Slightly auto tuned third track. Girls Want Girls - a lesbian observation song. Weezer covered this back in '97. This is played. Wow I just went through tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, and now I'm on 7 with Future. This song might save it. Then it began with "alright, ok, ok, ok, ok, that's fine." It's using the hook from Right Said Fred. Predictable. Oof. Future can't save endeavor, really. Maybe he can. Put Future on every track and let him go. He's killing it. This is the only listenable song so far. I love Future, though, so YMMV.
  11. Celebratory lap on the second track? Do we allow that? That's what he's doing on the second track. WHERE IS THE HIT? DON'T MAKE ME FAST FORWARD THROUGH THIS. I ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME IN LIFE.
  12. Certified Lover Boy listening party First intro track was too long, sample of "Michelle" by the Beatles sped up to chipmunk speeds. That's definitely a "LOOK AT ME SAMPLE" More money and connections than God for that. First track still going. The intro is...grandiose at best. Best served on CD so you can skip to the second track. First impressions from earth. Ends with a sort of trapped out sample of "Michelle" Definitely hyper-produced. Second track, "Papi's Home" begins with a seed-spreading father/rest of the rappers analogy. Charming.
  13. 1300 yards sounds too ambitious to be a floor.
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