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  1. Currently holding a 4 day pass for Vegas and a room at the MGM. Still haven't booked flight yet. Really on the fence if its going to be worth it. I went to Chase Center Saturday Night and Phish was on point so I don't doubt the music will be worth it but outside of that, not sure how much fun its going to be masked up in a casino.
  2. Is it worth it going to Vegas right now? On the fence for Halloween trip. Not sure how much I will enjoy being masked up while gambling in the casinos.
  3. Thanks for this recommendation. I've averaged down a few times on it as I believe like you, that its a good longterm buy. I've got plenty of patience so all good.
  4. You aren't wrong but when it comes to losing money, people aren't as willing to forgive and there are so many that just defend Nader at all costs on that site. Ive spent enough time there, I think I have a good read on who is real and who is not. There are definitely a lot of Nader minion on there.
  5. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of them are not real investors and are just Nader shills. I can't comprehend how they could have his back so hard otherwise. He's done nothing but line his pockets, anyone with real money in it should be disgusted.
  6. I imagine it goes lower than the 52 week low before long. That's 1.25 I mean I know the cult is strong but they literally have nothing imminent. The Brazil trial from what I can gather is barely plodding along. We know they are running low on money. Will the HIV BLA ever get done without a new trial, really unsure. It always seems to come back from the gallows but its really hard to see anything positive at this point.
  7. Completely on the sidelines at this point and barely following but I believe there is a call tomorrow. I imagine the stock will drop on Thursday. Can't imagine any real good news at this point. The HIV BLA is completely screwed and that was their 100% chance at revenue (quoting NP). I think it probably has another life, perhaps if the Brazil trials start to progress but in no hurry to get back in on this, although Im sure I will dabble again at some point.
  8. Not sure why they pitched to Kike there. Asking him to deliver a guy from third base after the series he had was not a tall order.
  9. I bought more DKNG today. Its a good sized position for me.
  10. This is the most trying to get famous ploy going. I don't know that he's close to anything but people will remember this guy for sure.
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