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  1. If the results don't blow it out, it's really hard to imagine the FDA is going to approve this tiny biotech with no proven track record. NP doesn't even inspire confidence in us but the FDA is going to risk it? That we haven't seen any results yet, is not adding up. Maybe it got unblinded more recently than we thought, I can even suspend disbelief on that one. But then I need to imagine that the results are great on top of that and NP hasn't said a word. Where is any mainstream publication showing any signs that they are even following this company? Certainly someone with some ins
  2. I try to find the signs that point to good things but overall my sentiment is seriously waning. You have to suspend so much rational belief in order for this to come out on the other side the way we want it to. I'm definitely conflicted at times because I want that lottery ticket but it doesn't add up rationally if you just look at this with no emotion tied to it.
  3. The 60 day end point would help to explain what the delay is here. Last patient completed around Feb 15th, 7 days for database lock and then the 22nd of February, they unblind. This would be in line with the PR we got on Monday. There really may be something to this. Hopefully it's for the best if there is.
  4. First thing I thought. Such a terrible thing to do though, I imagine she is completely wrecked about this.
  5. I would also think if they are going to look at 42 days or 60 days it will be done with the patients that were in the trial. However I haven't been able to confirm or not if this is possible. None of the "experts" on the boards seem to know either Adding new protocols in after trial is over is generally not allowed but we may be in a special situation here
  6. I really don't think anyone here knows what's possible or not regarding this.
  7. Today was not a day for speculative plays. Trouble ahead Casey Jones
  8. Sometimes having faith in this stock is akin to believing the Easter Bunny is going to come to visit in a month's time. I don't think they hit their primary endpoint, I'll just leave it at that. Doesn't mean game over but that's where the holdup is if you ask me.
  9. HGEN feels like a good time to buy in, if you are into that sort of thing
  10. I don't trust him, don't get me wrong. He's proven he's not trustworthy. Ive seen him lie outright. This article didn't see as off to me but obviously we aren't seeing the whole picture behind the scenes. I also have not seen enough biotech trials to know if this is even somewhat normal
  11. The only thing possible I suppose is that the data was JUST unblinded and they dont' have the top line report yet. I guess that is still possible
  12. Agree with everyone, that seems to be a pretty even handed take. One thing we know he has definitely seen a lot of biotechs in trials. If he thinks this behavior is weird, he is probably right on that one. I'm struggling to understand it myself. This situation is just so far out of the norm and the results are so fantastic that no one can talk about it? Doesn't make sense. Chet, do you think it makes any sense honestly?
  13. The Night King is up to his BS today https://twitter.com/adamfeuerstein/status/1364931663944368128 Anyone have Stat News, I can't imagine he's saying anything groundbreaking but still would like to know
  14. Very true.. Just tired of some of the armchair experts, mainly on Yahoo which I check out too often, that have some faulty logic. They all parrot the same thing, "if the data is bad than we would know already, therefore the data must be great" I hope they are right but you can't just completely leave out the in between
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