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  1. LOL at this, we've got a thread and a double secret convo now. See you guys when the stock hits $2
  2. I guess he doesn't have to share what he doesn't want but I've wasted more time on this company than is healthy. Would be great to compare notes.
  3. I'd like to laugh but they are so pathetic it almost makes me angry. I'm pretty sure some of those aliases have to be NP, his wife, his mother in law and other people in his circle. I can't see anyone with serious money into this stock defending the guy at this point.
  4. 100% he did. Dude has just overstated or flat out made stuff up too many times to count at this point. He's a borderline pathological liar. Doesn't seem to care when he misrepresents. That's why this stock is eventually going to $2 or less. He's on the meter this week. if he doesn't get something to talk about in the phillipines, it's taking another good sized drop. If HIV BLA continues to have bad news through July, that's another drop. Brazil trial realistically isn't going to have news before end of year, who knows what the Covid situation will be at that point.
  5. Lordstown Motors, see you later. Just a huge dive. Hopefully not too many are suffering through this. This is one that I cut bait on a while back so more a relief than anything else.
  6. Falling knife right now but I'm right there with you. I am fully loaded on this one.
  7. Here are some I'd consider but I say that loosely as there is pretty much 0 chance I'd move there. Stamford and Greenwich are super expensive but puts you pretty close to NYC. Bottom line the coast is the most desirable but also expensive. Fairfield Norwalk Milford Stamford Greenwich Old Lyme Old Saybrook Also Westerly RI
  8. Going from a city to living in rural CT might be rough. Even though you will do well on your place in Austin, hard to imagine you coming out ahead on any real estate if you are planning to buy anything similar in CT. If it were me and I was committed to the move, I'd downsize and perhaps rent a smaller place somewhere on the coast. Give yourself some time to see if that's where you really want to live. CT has always been pretty bland to me but being near family is understandable. At least with the coast, you have some natural beauty to take in, go for walks, etc. Rural CT s
  9. On the other hand, Nader has a one hour spot on One News in the Philipines this weekend
  10. Draftkings had a good quarter on revenue, estimated for 235 million came in at 312 On the other hand they spend a lot of money, hopefully it pays off with more users
  11. Added more Draftkings today, pretty loaded on that one and also Flutter (PDYPY) which is Betfair and Fanduel among others. I feel like they are here to stay, gambling isn't going anywhere.
  12. Anything Cathie Wood has touched recently is getting pounded. If you are checking the stock price everyday, not a time to be in disruptive, speculative stuff. This is where having conviction in your investments matter. If you are confident in your choices, while hard to do, just block out the day to day. I wish I had the will to just ride this out and not look for 2-3 years. I can't go 2 hours really. However I am trying to take this all with some understanding that these are long term investments and cannot always expect immediate results. I got rid of a couple that I dont
  13. He also addressed the "conditional EUA" As many had pointed out there is no such thing as a conditional EUA. Nader essentially explained that it was something that Cytodyn manufactured themselves. Cytodyn wanted to present an EUA with conditions on it , which the FDA could review, but the FDA basically said don't bother.
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