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  1. No way was I watching a full hour of that but the girl definitely isn't in a good place mentally. Very possible she committed suicide
  2. Yeah, im not anticipating anything like that happening anytime soon. If the Brazil trial did go well, that may change things a bit (at least in Brazil) but obviously not even close to that completing
  3. I guess there was a call today? I used to be pretty on top of when calls were going to happen, barely care right now. Was checking the various boards though and the longs seem to think it went well. They are excited about the Philippines again? Can't trust any of these people but they seem to think something good is about to happen.
  4. Understatement, no idea why its up so much today. I have to think this will be very short lived and will be back in the 1.30s before long
  5. We are really into a new era of trading. LOL at a PR mentioning SwaggyStocks and WallStreetBets
  6. Make it two, it will likely take that long for the biotech to do anything promising anyway.
  7. I've definitely been disappointed by EVFM performance to date but still optimistic about the future. I've bought at 4 different intervals, averaging down. So far, not so good but hoping the new ad campaign helps with awareness and sales. I like the ad FWIW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60AQGhHunr8
  8. I think the deck is pretty stacked against these smaller biotechs as they don't have the advantage of running the hugely powered trials that Big Pharma is afforded to do. HGEN seemed to manage the process as well as they could. The jury is out just the same as CYDY though in how beneficial the drug really is. I still believe that leronlimab is the superior of the two drugs and can help more people. At best, lenzilumab would have had a very narrow population that it was prescribed for. HGEN designed a trial that they could hit their primary endpoint, that's something CYDY couldn't do but at the end of the day it doesn't seem like the FDA was overly impressed with their trial design either. IMO we may have overjudged lenzilumab a bit and I think leronlimab may still be underjudged but CYDY definitely needs to prove it out. Tread lightly with these stocks for sure and both may be better suited for trading. I do think CYDY will have another run and I think HGEN will be higher than it is today as they get closer to having data from their Big Effect Trial. Holding either through any approval though is where it starts to get dangerous.
  9. I agree with you, I think it will have a chance to at least run up higher than it is today. That being said, I'm willing to take a loss at some point and move money somewhere else, just not today.
  10. As much as I want to part ways with HGEN today and move onto something else, it seems like its going to be better to hold for a bit.
  11. Not good for HGEN, denied EUA https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/us-fda-declines-emergency-use-approval-humanigens-covid-19-drug-2021-09-09/
  12. Unfortunately the reality isn't going to hit until kids start dying. Its a legitimate concern that it will start to happen at a higher rate than now in some of these communities that are largely unvaxxed.
  13. Yeah, I think this is true. Getting sick changes the equation a bit although they may need to get really sick before they realize they needed something
  14. You might be right but I'm not convinced either way as the drug may actually work. They wouldn't be interested otherwise.
  15. This is going to approach the $1 range in the next few weeks. I would like to hear a good plan from the 13d group. I'll be tempted to put in a good bet at the $1 range but only if I think 13D group has a chance here.
  16. Yep, they got paid $200 for the right to photo their kid in the pool I think the reasons for this guy's lawsuit are ridiculous but Nirvana could still throw him a little coin as a good faith gesture. $200 for what turned into an iconic cover is too good a deal for them.
  17. Liking where this is going. Have a pretty big position here.
  18. Well I'm still hopeful that 13D can get the votes together but so far NP and team seems to be winning the PR battle. Not that either side looks good right now. I still have a very low opinion of current leadership and hope they are ousted but 13D has not done enough yet. Keep waiting to see what cards they are holding, we are getting past the flop now, turn is coming,
  19. It was definitely a little hokey and overrated, still not a bad movie by any stretch. Only saw it once but I do remember liking the Moonlight Graham storyline
  20. I was smart enough to buy some Disney, albeit a little late. Back when it was in the $100 range, I was a naysayer. Needless to say, its a stock I wish I owned more of
  21. I don't have any doubts at this point that Disney plus will continue to crush it. They don't even need the movie theatres.
  22. Haven't looked that much into it but just heard on CNBC that parks had a better quarter than expected and especially strong considering no international travel
  23. I may not be up as much as you but have a decision to make too, up 55% right now I've kind of already made the decision in my head that I'm gonna let this ride though. The amount I have tied up in calls is a small percentage. The smart play would be just to cash it out now but may roll the bones.
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