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  1. There was no "and" in his sentance. Do you guys always play word games like this?
  2. You made the comparison, not me. You said "cancer" and "heart disease". Not "lung cancer" and "heart attacks" . Now you're backing out of what you said because you were flat out wrong.
  3. Per the CDC, covid was third in number of deaths in the US last year behind heart disease and cancer. "COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause of 345,323 deaths during 2020 and was the third leading underlying cause of death, after heart disease (690,882 deaths) and cancer (598,932) (Figure 2)." https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7014e1.htm#:~:text=COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause of 345%2C323,598%2C932) (Figure 2). Cancer twice as deadly as covid. Lots of misinformation being spread around in this thread.
  4. Sure. Now discount those annualized covid numbers now the majority of the country is vaccinated. It's no longer "almost as deadly as cancer" or "12 times as deadly" as the flu. Perspective.
  5. 900,000 or so died of cancer in the same time period. 600,000 annualized.
  6. You missed one https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/783421-official-covid-19-coronavirus-thread/?do=findComment&comment=23513210
  7. Most of us are vaccinated, most of those that aren't vaccinated are developing antibodies naturally, most of us are fine. That's a fact. It's the dramatics that has alienated your friend. I'd also suggest that belittling them won't work either.
  8. Most of us are just fine. I think the "we are all screwed" type of hysteria is exactly what your friend was referring to.
  9. Thanks. I didn't want to go and extract all the data from NOAA website and do a bunch of time-temperature superpositions because the simple point is that it's damn hot in Vegas. Super happy for Uber since there is no way I'm waling around the hot asphalt jungle in that heat, although it would be much better for the Covid if we all did. Glad that we agree July counts as a month that was 110F plus.
  10. That has been my experience, yes. Been to Vegas 3 times this year so far. Pools are packed as it's been 110F plus for the past several months.
  11. How long you figure you have to sit under their lightbulb before you get cancer? Now compare that to the Florida or Vegas sun. You have any idea what the temp is in Vegas right now? Doubt it lasts 20 seconds if we are using common sense instead of doing any homework.
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