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  1. I thought after the WFT scored the touchdown in the 3rd quarter, the play calling became a lot more run oriented and it was significantly less effective. Did other see it that way?
  2. I am pessimistic on Samuel. Hamstrings are tricky and he came into camp with it injured. That was 6 weeks ago.
  3. Most players will clear waivers since most teams waived lots of players and are trying to get their players onto their practice squads. GMs need to make their cuts, trying to retain as much talent as possible. Gandy Golden to the practice squad looked very likely when he was cut.
  4. Chris Davis had season ending surgery. So he will not play this year. Then there is one year left of possibly the worst contract ever in baseball.
  5. Is there a way to delete a post when you accidently post it multiple times?
  6. Morgan Moses and Geron Christian are both released. Not sure it is fair to put them in the same sentence.
  7. I have read quite a few reviews of the Football Team's draft. Most believe the best picks are OT Cosmi and WR Brown. Both are very good value picks. The most questionable picks are: TE Bates - limited TE with low upside. Most thought he would be drafted a couple of rounds lower LS Cheeseman - most teams don't spend draft picks on long snappers I also saw a few comments on DE Toney, who is a good value, but not a good fit in the 4-3 defense.
  8. One Oriole pitcher is doing really well. John Means just pitched a no hitter. And he is one batter, who reached on a dropped 3rd strike, from a perfect game. John Means has been one of the best pitchers in baseball so far this year.
  9. Here is an interesting article talking about the risk of signing pitchers to contracts into their mid and late 30's. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/04/20/nationals-starting-pitching-contracts/ Scherzer has delivered. But Strasburg is signed for another 5 years after this year. Corbin is signed for 3 more years. And the Nats are also depending on Jon Lester, who is already 37 years old.
  10. I read that there is a possibility of a work stoppage next year due to labor negotiations. If that happens, it could provide salary relief for the Orioles. That means Chris Davis will be with the Orioles until they definitely know there will not be a work stoppage. Davis has been put on the 60 day IL, which makes managing the roster a little easier.
  11. It appears Smith signed a 4 years contract extension that guaranteed $71M (2020 guaranteed for injury) over 3 years. That is $23.3M per year at the worst case scenario. I believe this was below the going rate for QBs at the time, although Smith's age may have been factored into the contact. Unfortunately, the worst thing happened in the first year of the contract. A huge injury. This event would have crippled many teams right after signing a QB to a large contract. It is a little unfair to say he was well compensated based on his production that was reduced due to an catastrophic injury. Nobody, player or team, plans around an injury like that.
  12. The Washington Post ran an article on the Football Team's options at QB. Here is the link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/02/19/washington-football-quarterback-options/ Their top thoughts: Deshaun Watson - any trade package would probably have to include Chase Young Darnold - one person thought it would take a mid round draft pick if he becomes available. Theisman said he would be hesitant to trade for a player who may not be better than what you currently have. Mariota - Thiesman thinks he could cost a 3rd or 4th round pick and could be a good match
  13. Sportrac has Heinicke's contract details: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/washington-football-team/taylor-heinicke-17249/ $1M signing bonus Base salaries of $1M in 2021 and $1.5M in 2022 Per game roster bonuses of $500k in 2021 and $750k in 2022. Total is $4.75M for 2 years. Another $4M available in incentives. $1.5M guaranteed. He is an inexpensive backup QB, which is not surprising since we was a RFA. Kyle Allen is even less expensive since he is playing on a rookie deal as an undrafted free agent.
  14. Mariota is under contract. Why would the Raiders want to trade him? He was signed as a high end backup and apparently delivered.
  15. In general, signing all your RFA and ERFA's is a no brainer. But I am not sure Robert Foster did much. Nick Sundberg is the no brainer signing. Darby and Moreau would be nice to have back, but how much will they cost? The biggest decision is whether to give Scherff a mega contract. And do they re-sign Hopkins are look for a new PK? Sprinkle has value, so I could see him returning. Foster has been here over 2 years and hasn't played a down. I could them moving on from him. Kerrigan is obviously leaving and looking for a starting role.
  16. Kansas City's OL had massive problems in pass protection. And TB wasn't even blitzing. That said, I am in awe of Mahomes. He threw a pass while horizontal in the air and hit the receiver. Absolutely incredible.
  17. I read somewhere that said/speculated that Houston would want a young QB in return for Watson. If true, that would definitely give the Jets and Dolphins a leg up in pursuing Watson. My general take: unless Watson really wants to force his way out of Houston, he probably isn't going anywhere. If Watson were to sit out the upcoming season, then Houston could trade him next year. Teams need to make plans assuming Watson won't be traded.
  18. One quick thought: Lots of people have mentioned Collins as a trade chip. This really strikes me as wishful thinking, since we not want him next year. A more valuable player would be Kamren Curl. He is young, looks promising, and has 3 years left on his inexpensive rookie deal. We could always go back to having Collins as our starting safety.
  19. I think the only way Houston has any leverage is to negotiate compensation before giving permission to talk to Watson. I completely agree that the initial ask is the starting point to their negotiations. And Watson really does hold the leverage here.
  20. I read Houston's starting ask is 2 1st round picks, 2 2nd round picks, 2 defensive starters.
  21. Watson's situation is pretty complicated. 1. Houston has a new front office and coach. As of right now, they are saying they are keeping Watson. 2. So Watson needs to convince them that it is better to trade him. 3. Watson has a no trade clause, which he can waive. This give Watson the ability to pick the team he is traded to. 4. So once Watson is allowed to talk to other teams, the key it to convince Watson that the Football Team is the best place for him. I like what Rivera has done, but that will be a difficult sell. 5. Once that is done, then they need to negotiate the package with Houston. It may not be as steep as people think because at this point, Houston does not have much leverage.
  22. I am not sure that Stafford went for that much more than people originally thought. It is clear a 1st round pick this year is worth more than a 1st round pick next year. If a pick needs to increase a round due to waiting a year, and numerous trades every year so this (say a 3nd round pick this year for a 2nd round pick next), then the Stafford package is equivalent to a 2021 2nd round picks, two 2021 3rd round picks, and Goff. If a pick is equal to two picks in the following round (and some trades have done this in the past), the 2nd and 3rd round picks could be equivalent to a 1st round pick. That would make the trade equivalent to a 1st and 3rd in this years draft and Goff. Obviously we can quibble able the exact values and try to bring in the trade value chart, but you cannot ignore the time value of draft picks here. If the Football Team offered the 1st and 3rd this year, I could see they are in the ball park. But they may have been asked to add another draft pick if they would not take Goff's contract.
  23. What do you guy think about Sam Darnold and Jimmy Garrapolo? One article was speculating that Darnold would be available if the Jets land Watson. And Garrapolo could be cut if the 49'ers get Stafford.
  24. I just read in the Washington Post that Watson has requested a trade and the new management is hoping to talk him out of it. Read elsewhere that Stafford has bonus due shortly after the league year starts. So there is a high probability that Stafford's destination will need to be finalized before Watson's destination. So the bigger domino may not fall first in this case.
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