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  1. Or maybe the democrats have moved so far left it just appears that way.
  2. Only thing certain tonight for the Gordon/Williams owners is that Mike Boone's gonna vulture a TD.
  3. Local Denver news just showed video of Teddy walking off practice field yesterday. Visible limp walking up steps. Beat writer Mike Klis estimates 70-75% mobility.
  4. Agreed. Traditionally the U.S. has been able to go beyond its tax base and borrow significantly more than any other sovereign country...due to reserve currency status from Bretton Woods. But that will steadily erode (if not be gone entirely) in the next 10-20 years, which will exacerbate inflation, lower standard of living and severely limit monetary/fiscal response capability to crises like pandemic. 9/20/21 - Goldman Sachs, for instance, issued a stark warning that the dollar is in serious danger of losing its reserve-currency status. The US bank’s concerns are primarily related to the massive monetary injections into the economy by the Federal Reserve, the balance sheet of which has now topped a staggering $7 trillion thanks to the reintroduction of its quantitative-easing policy as well as the fiscal stimulus provided by Congress. https://internationalbanker.com/finance/is-the-us-dollars-role-as-the-worlds-reserve-currency-under-threat/
  5. Absolutely nothing per se. But all entitlement programs should be prioritized and then created/expanded only in proportion to a government's ability to afford them. Hard investments in infrastructure (including climate) have proven ROI and are in alignment with government's proper role. Following that, adequately fund Medicare and SS, reserve for future interest payments when interest rates inevitably rise (this will be a massive hit), then at least stop the bleeding on the annual budget deficit. After that we can talk.
  6. Fine. We can play this game all day and you will lose all day. Using your own definitions, pure logic says that when a government expands its cradle to grave entitlements through increased subsidies and free stuff, it moves the country closer to socialism.
  7. Yes. Free child care, free pre-K, free college, paid family leave and massively subsidized senior care is indeed cradle to grave. And are you kidding? This has Bernie's fingerprints all over it starting with Biden's appt of him to head the budget process...but thankfully Manchin and Sinema are making him bend the knee. If you're for this type of European model, then fine. Just please stop otherwise touting your support of "capitalism." And most definitely Ronald Reagan as you've done elsewhere. He is surely rolling in his grave at the prospect of Biden's enormous expansion of government.
  8. The Entitlements of U.S. Decline: Biden says his plans will make America great again. Ask Europe how that has turned out. You have to admire the audacity of pitching higher taxes and more social welfare as the path to national revival, especially when the global evidence is the opposite. The result of Mr. Biden’s expanded entitlements is likely to be reduced incentives to work and invest, slower economic growth, lower living standards, and less fiscal space for essential public goods like national defense. That’s the lesson from Europe’s cradle-to-grave welfare states, which Bernie Sanders explicitly pitches as models. Most have older populations than the U.S., but this alone doesn’t account for their lower labor participation rates and much higher structural unemployment. Europe’s little-discussed secret is that its cradle-to-grave welfare states are financed by the middle class via value-added and payroll taxes. The irony is that some European governments have tried to reform their tax and welfare systems to become more competitive. Source: WSJ
  9. ...according to the same "economists" who led you to believe seven months ago that inflation wouldn't be a problem. Lol
  10. Let's be real clear. Other than possibly the climate change component, the $2 trillion bill has absolutely nothing to do with a "government response to the economy." It is expansion of government entitlement programs and transfer payments. Plain and simple.
  11. Yet there is still a lot they can do...if they actually viewed it as a priority. But based on their history I'm betting more crickets as the Garland/Harris/Biden response. Bronvich said he’s seeking assistance from the Justice Department because states "are largely preempted from enforcing federal immigration laws and certain criminal statutes related to human smuggling."
  12. Why do you think there is crickets (I assume that's the emoji) and the bolded? It frankly baffles me how little press coverage this entire issue gets.
  13. source: Washington Post More than 1.3 million migrants have been taken into custody along the southern border in the nine months since Biden took office...In the fiscal years between 2012 and 2020, border arrests averaged about 540,000. Many migrants have told reporters they opted to make the risky journey north, at great cost and considerable danger, with the belief that Biden would allow them to stay. Earlier this year, Biden directed Vice President Harris to address the “root causes” of migration from Central America’s Northern Triangle nations — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. But the strategy has had little to no measurable effect, and Harris has distanced herself from the border and immigration issues generally. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/border-arrests-have-soared-to-all-time-high-new-cbp-data-shows/ar-AAPKf8k?ocid=mailsignout&li=BBnb7Kz
  14. Unreal. Where's Kamala to address "root causes?" Facebook has admitted to allowing users “to share information about how to enter a country illegally or request information about how to be smuggled,” in a letter to the Arizona attorney general. The admission came after Attorney General Mark Brnovich wrote to CEO Mark Zuckerberg to request information about reports that human smugglers and drug cartels are using the platform “to advertise their services” to help migrants “on their dangerous journey and unlawful entry into the United States,” https://nypost.com/2021/10/19/facebook-admits-to-letting-users-share-human-smuggling-info/ https://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/facebook-says-it-allowed-users-to-request-info-about-how-to-be-smuggled-into-u-s-illegally-124085829855
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