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  1. Statistics do not say that I'm glad you aren't in charge is all i have to say about your post.
  2. This is the most important part right here...we have no clue at this point. We know if does damage to the heart, the lungs and in some even the brain. It appears to cause serious long term clotting issues and of course, there is death...
  3. I think they are gone forever...i just think the internet is going to have them go deeper and deeper down the hole.
  4. I'm amazed that given the level of this global pandemic and almost 200,000 people dead that he continues to pretend it doesn't even exist. It's truly amazing that this happening. I've never seen anyone in a leadership position completely avoid any leadership responsibility.
  5. American's also badly underestimate the long-term problems associated with the disease even in young people
  6. I got him late as well and I took him because the Pack took him in the 2nd and Jones is a FA at the end of the year. Have to figure from a fantasy perspective they are going to seriously kick the tires on him...
  7. Thanks I'll watch that video later...he is one of the few positive analysis I have found on him. Lots of people think his game won't translate to the nfl. There haven't been to many successful big rbs.
  8. That's been the rub against Dillon all along. I drafted him but I'm not sure I like his long term prospects...
  9. It's true...if you can't even admit this piece of it then I don't know what to say
  10. One day there is going to be a civics course on just how much lying you can get away with
  11. Ugh of course he isn't. I should be smarter than drafting a lion. I went into this season with only Hockenson at TE and put a lot of faith into him...
  12. This is honestly one of the most important questions of the season...landing the guy that takes these carries will win you the season
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