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  1. Not sure if this belongs here, or in the "funny things your kids say" thread, but I'll post it here because people will actually get the reference. My college freshmen texted me after he went back to class the other week from break. He said a kid walked in to class, formerly a blonde, but had dyed his hair purple. He texted..."the first thing I thought of was...pppuuurrpplleee!"
  2. I carry and use it mainly at places that don't take my main Visa card (Sam's Club). Rarely carry cash, but use it to get cash when needed. Try to put as much as possible on a rewards credit card.
  3. It's the kind of stupid made up work my teenage boys use all the time. When "merch" was the hot new slang they were using, I said I am making up my own slang word "skerz" that means...well...whatever I want it to mean in the moment. If they ever hit me with a "no cap" or some other slang I don't know, I just reply "skerz" to communicate agreement, or disagreement as the context or my lack of understanding calls for.
  4. Frugal and recognized good work. Sounds like you are raising a fine young future middle manager right there.
  5. What kind of suburb doesn't have a real butcher shop? I have two stand alone butchers, one butcher connected to a convenience store, two (soon to be three) grocery stores with butchers, a Sams and a Costco all within 10 minutes of my house. I assumed this would be normal, but I guess I'm lucky.
  6. Ya, woke up to -14 actual temperature in MN this morning. The only silver lining is my dog only wants to go out twice a day in this weather. In the summer she's at the door every other hour.
  7. My wife's car battery died and we had to jump it. Took 15-20 minutes of being hooked up to the other car before it would finally start. When I changed the battery, the sticker said it was five years old. As others have said, if the battery is old or bad, it doesn't jump very easily. Edit to add: since this has been resolved, here my battery story. I've changed many batteries in my day, and it is usually pretty easy. Well, the last one I did was on an '08 Lexus ES. They have a plastic shield over the top of the engine you have to remove to get to the battery. It is held in pl
  8. Exactly. Who cares if the players are in the game. If you could edit rosters on consoles two+ generations old, the only reason you wouldn't be able to do the same here is if EA decided to go through all of this and then kill it in one fell swoop.
  9. OK, that doesn't make much sense to me then. That's $75 extra per month. The worst month I had $100 in data overage charges. Another month I had $80. Otherwise, they have all be $20-$40 in overages (or zero). So, it looks like most months I'd be paying more with the xFi and unlimited data. Unless I'm missing something, I'd pass on this.
  10. You have to rent the xFi every month, correct? What is the extra cost for that?
  11. Thanks, I'm partially curious because my older son's school had zero on campus job available this year due to the pandemic (logically). He did not get work study, so we weren't planning on that. But I'm curious what would have happened if he had gone and we were counting on that? Sounds like we would have been SOL.
  12. Same here, except I rarely pay $80 as I get charged for overages every month.
  13. Looks like #2 is leaning towards St Thomas (St. Paul). Marquette's financial package just wasn't enough to make it realistic. U of M accepted, but no financial offer yet. Still waiting to hear back from U of W. Anyone have experience with work study? My two older kids did not qualify, so I'm wondering if that is guaranteed work, or not necessarily?
  14. Disagree. Ticketmaster has exclusive contracts with venues and are the only ones that can sell tickets to any show in that venue. Since they have a monopoly, they can charge exhorbinant fees because there are no alternative, no competition. Having no competition, there is no market force to drive prices down. Why should the band take the hit to make Ticketmaster look good? Fans are going to pay what they pay to see a band, but there's no reason it shouldn't be out front an center that ticketmaster is making insane profits off of an automated service.
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