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  1. I find it funny (in a sad way) that I came here to talk about the improvements in NBA2k22 over 21 for the Xbox Series X version, only to see posts of people still trying to get their hands on the newest consoles a year later.
  2. We had that. Almost all of our "weird" rules were the result of a particular team priding themselves in finding the loopholes in our rules. Had a team trade his stud to another team to cover a bye week to help his playoff chances. I played in a league where they wanted to add PPR. I was against it. They argued that a reception, even for zero yards was a beneficial play. I countered that rushes for zero yards could be beneficial as well. For that matter, throwing an incomplete pass was better than a sack. I thought that would put an end to it, but instead we added PPR, points for rushes, points for pass attemps, and points for completions. Totally stupid, and the scores were rediculous. We started in 1990, so this was our league for over 10 years until we moved to a website.
  3. Looking for suggestions for this. We moved our youngest to college last week, so we are entering this stage. Not loving it so far. We started golfing last summer with COVID, and this being one of the few things we could partake in as a family. But, this only occupies a small part of a weekend (she can't golf 18), and doesn't help us once it turns colder. I can only play so many card/board games.
  4. Moved my 19 year old into his dorm yesterday, old school dorm with cinderblock walls. As we were unpacking, we kept hearing another student yelling at his game (one example was a 30 second tirade that started "I didn't know I was in a lobby full of complete (fill in the blanks)"). I thought, that's unfortunate to be stuck next to him. When we finished, we walked down the hall past his room and he was five rooms away. I'm guessing/hoping once everyone moves in, his behavior will change quickly.
  5. Like I said, I'm not sure it is worth the increased price. It does have a distinctly different flavor than regular beef, but I suspect there is a little suggesting tasting here. it tastes different, its more expensive, my wallet may just be telling my tongue that it tastes better.
  6. Dropping my youngest off next Wednesday as well. Will be tough. I don't have any advice for the OP, as none of my kids have had this issue (confident the last will not either). But, wishing good luck to all those parents going through a difficult transition with their kids.
  7. Bun - not too particular, but I like a soft white bun Patty - Also not particular here. My local butcher has some good Wagyu beef, but I'm not sure it is worth the price. I also enjoy their patties with bacon and cheese mixed in already Toppings - Guacamole, mayo, mustard, chopped onion (so you get the flavor, but not the issue of biting through the rings), bacon and melted pepper jack
  8. I'm not supporting seeing her go to the hospital, I'm supporting the idea she shouldn't have been included at all.
  9. Maybe explain why a character that was such a big part of the first episode was never shown again? My wife really didn't want to keep watching. Her main complaint was "nothing is happening" after two episodes. When a character gets 25% of the screen time in episode 1, ends up having nothing to do with the development of the story, it's hard to argue that the show is doing anything other than spin its wheels.
  10. Exactly the way I felt. I finished it just to get through it hoping for a payoff. I don't feel like it ever came. Except the worst character for me in the whole show was a local (hotel manager).
  11. I've coached plenty as well. I was always open to talking to parents, but learned from a coaching clinic once (probably common sense, but it stuck when I heard a seasoned professional say it) that parent conversations should involve their kids only. Never compare their PT to another players. I would let the parent know that, and if they pushed back or kept trying to compare their kids situation to another kid, conversation would be over. Just like coaches, there are reasonable parents and unreasonable parents. Once I was able to determine which camp a parent fell in to, I stopped giving them time. it just wasn't worth it.
  12. I hate stories like this. The middle paragraph could have been my story, but that was 40 years ago. And that after one practice at OG, they knew I was going to be a swinging gate, since I was the smallest kid on the field. I was moved to safety and didn't play a single snap of offense the whole season. I had hoped those days are over, but clearly not. My goal as a youth coach always had the same #1 priority, to get every kid to enjoy playing the game enough to come back and play again the next season. That definitely meant I was not in the running for many championships, but I always had a high rate of returning players. Admittedly, football is tough because of the safety issue, drastic difference in sizes and athletic abilities at this age, and learning curve. But, I strongly feel there is enough opportunity to give a kid a chance at some point during the season no matter what he wants to do (other than maybe if every kid on your team wants to play QB, that just can't happen)
  13. I'm going to guess it is going to depend on your own value, point of view, and personal biases, but I thought O'Neal was a ginormous idiot and couldn't find his position defensible.
  14. I'd say the answer to your question depends 100% on the coaches and who they are. I was around youth football for a long time, coaching several seasons, and on the board for our local association even longer. I saw all kinds of coaches from those who didn't know anything about football, to those who had headsets and were filming games at the 3rd grade level with a camera on the field (our league had a coach in the huddle at that grade, and one team had that coach film the game). Some coaches will move kids around and give them a chance at multiple positions. Other coaches with pidgeon hole kids and put them in a spot they think best serves the team, regardless of the kids enjoyment. Some coaches will make a determination of what kind of player a kid is day 1 of practice and stick them at a spot and not change their opinion. Other coaches will watch kids develop and move them around. The one thing about kids at that age, it is tough for them to learn multiple offensive positions. In order to be successful at that age, you either need that one kid who is a man among boys and just give him the ball, or you need your offensive line to be able to block and your skill position players to know the play and execute. The second part is tough when kids are trying to memorize plays for two different positions. Only about 1 in 100 coaches have I found to be open to talking to parents about playing time. Most don't care and are in it for the wrong reasons, or are in over their heads and get defensive when challenged. Best to leave it along unless you get a signal from your kids that he isn't enjoying it.
  15. For hot weather, I like the Armachillo. If I am not combatting the heat, I'm a big fan of their Dang Soft.
  16. It's a classic. Like most (all?) states I imagine, there are a lot of great burger places. While the Nook might be the best, it certainly isn't worth the crowded conditions you have to eat in. There are a lot of places that make the Jucy Lucy, and I can't personally decipher one as being materially better than another.
  17. Much cheaper than I remember. I must have not priced it since generics were available??? I'll have to talk to the doctor.
  18. Just curious what "pretty cheap" is?
  19. My sons are 17 and 19, going into their first and second year of college respectively. I watched them play baseball, football, and basketball at varying stages since they were each 3. Their high school careers, (other than the younger one had one more season of basketball) ended with COVID. I've tried going back to watching pro sports after their careers ended, and I just can't get into it. Different sports has turned me away for different reasons I won't go into here, but I just can't find myself to care about them anymore. I used to love a good Suday night Dodgers game, but can't stand sitting through a whole inning when I don't have a personal rooting interest anymore. Football is the only sport I can enjoy watching a whole game of anymore.
  20. Step daughter got me one after I got one for her at Christmas, since she liked it so well. I will try it again in the fall/winter, but I don't like to run the AC enough to keep it "cold" so it was a little warm for me in the summer.
  21. I have t-shirts that are close to 20 years old. :style:
  22. I can't tell you the last time I slept through the night without waking up several times.
  23. Cannot sleep in anymore. On a normal, no stress day, I usually wake up before my alarm (which is set for 7 am) by around 6:30. On a high stress day, I usually wake up around 2 or 3 am, instantly start thinking about work the next day, and cannot fall back asleep. I'll go downstairs and watch some TV, and try to fall asleep, which usually happens around 6:59. On the weekends I am up before 7, and use the morning to play video games before the rest of the house is up and I have to do something productive.
  24. Clearly you've never tried them on. I don't have the shorts, but I have a pair of pants I wear golfing. Best material ever. I won't defend the look of the shorts, but if I'm doing something active and don't want to look like a complete slob, I don't know of a better option.
  25. Unlike LeBron, Leaf owns up to his mistakes. Point out to me where I am wrong on this one (I didn't see him deny responsibility), but he owns up to his history and continues to deal with addiction issues clearly. To me, the guy that makes mistakes and stands up and says "I make mistakes, I'm going to work to make myself better and help others while on my quest" is much less a clown than the guy that says "I never make mistakes." I miss the days of Barkley backing down his man for 10 seconds constantly.
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