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  1. Perfect. Appreciate the quick response. I knew it was something easy.
  2. Ok, have an issue that I'm not sure how to solve. I've got a table of cells with text. In each cell an account is separated from the description by a dash. I need to parse the account into one cell, and then parse the account to another. Basically taking everything from the right of the dash into on cell and everything to the right into another. And all the accounts / descriptions are of different length.
  3. Or the ultimate screw job................"I'm jumping off this cliff, now go prove that you didn't push me off of it".
  4. See this thread...............and be happy that you have a wife to go through it with. Good luck, stay busy and sane. My oldest had an idea for me: www.middleagesinglebaseballdads.com https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/799747-sad-day-oldest-leaves-the-nest-today-why-do-we-start-cleaning-the-house-after-hes-left/?tab=comments#comment-23562083
  5. Checks math 4+7=11. Yep. Have no idea how you do it , but congrats. Obviously big van for family outings, or 2 cars? Hopefully your not provided cell phone plans.
  6. I believe that mine (next year) will also be the hardest. We've spent the last 4 years basically on our own (while oldest was at school/working), traveling to baseball tournaments, vacations, etc. He's the quieter of the 2, but he's also the more social (friends w/ everyone, where as the older kept his circle really small). We take turns cooking, he helps w/ cleaning, makes straight a's. Never much of a problem (other than he tore his ACL right in the middle of baseball recruiting). He's ready to go, and I tease him that with covid and work from home I may follow him to wherever he goes to play baseball. At 1st he was like NO!!!!, but then said "you could move so that your an hour away, that way you can come to all the games).
  7. Oldest son went to college about an hour away. Far enough to be on his own, but still around. Played 4 years of college baseball. Graduated in May 19 and moved back home to save money and get his online masters, and got a job teaching / coaching in a smaller town about an hour away. Covid hits, and he teaches from home for 3 months, and then continued the commute all last school year. Met a girl. Found a job about 4 weeks ago as an athletic director that will take him to the northside of the Metroplex (hour and half away). They've spent the last 2 weeks getting everything organized. Got the keys to the apartment yesterday and moved stuff from her house, and then today they came to mine. Last load left about 30 minutes ago. Gave him a hug and tried to be strong (been raising him and his brother w/o much help from the ex the past 4 years), but as soon as the truck drove off, I lost it as I knew that this was probably the last time that he was going to "live" at his home. So what do I start doing..............washing his linens, straightening up his room, cleaning the boys bathroom. Why, he's moved out? I remember my mom doing the same thing when my sister left. Must be some sort of "nesting" thing that we are programmed to do. Youngest needs lunch brought to high school as he forgot it this morning, so at least I'll have him to take care of for another 10 months. Thanks for letting me vent. I think I'll watch some TV on the porch tonight and pour a double and toast all the parents who (like me) sacrifice and raise good kids. SALUTE!!!
  8. some buildings look almost totally unharmed and right next to them is a slab. I'm guessing this has to do with when the houses were built and/or the amount of "storm preparedness" built into the home..............plus wind / water currents? So sad.
  9. I used to work for a very large outdoor sporting goods manufacturing company in the midwest. We were casual (jeans / polos, etc, unless it was really hot, then they would allow shorts and tee shirts). One summer we hired an intern in the finance department and on about her 3rd day she came in wearing a really short skirt. A couple of days later a short skirt. A couple of days later a tight shirt. Seems the "old hens" in the marketing department thought this was inappropriate and started rumors and being really catty for a couple of weeks behind her back. Eventually word got back to me...........you might want to check and see if we've HIRED THE CEO'S daughter to work in the finance department before you go overboard on your cattiness. 3 women got written up and 2 soon quit. Our company culture and acceptance changed immediately.
  10. Work for a global company with many clothing / footwear brands. We were bought into the corporation in 2017 and corporate people would show up to our offices in flip flops, hoodies, short etc. Our HR didn't know what the hell to do. Just 3 years earlier we had moved from office casual to jeans. They passed a more relaxed code, but then covid hit. I have not been back to office since 3/13/20 and probably won't until sometime next year. Once that happens though I'll be partaking in the flip flop / hoodie / shorts dress code (as that is what the folks that are currently choosing to go to the office are now wearing), and it will probably be only 2/3 times a month. I've got a 35 mile / 40 minute commute, so I'm thankful for the extra 2 hours a day that I get to spend with the kids, dogs, lawn, golf etc.
  11. part of our conversation w/ the agent 3 years ago "but we reserved a jeep 9 months ago and you just upgraded the person in front of us TO a jeep, what do you mean you don't have any more jeeps?"?
  12. 1st Pfizer shot today. Took all of 22 minutes (including waiting after shot) car door to car door.
  13. Mother woke up this morning, seems like she neglected to let the water drip in the vacant garage apartment. She's heading to my sisters for a couple of days until she can get it fixed. Luckily sister's MIL is a realtor and has a "guy" who is a plumber.
  14. Stuff starting to thaw out. Sister's family and mother have heat. Taking them back later this afternoon................however, the roads are the worst that they have been since Monday. Older boy was going to grocery store in jeep, so I moved youngest car to the street, couldn't get back in drive way. Had to go around block 2 times........1st time I just slid right by going about 1MPH. Literally could not stop. Be safe out there. Saturday is almost here.
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