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  1. 1st Pfizer shot today. Took all of 22 minutes (including waiting after shot) car door to car door.
  2. Mother woke up this morning, seems like she neglected to let the water drip in the vacant garage apartment. She's heading to my sisters for a couple of days until she can get it fixed. Luckily sister's MIL is a realtor and has a "guy" who is a plumber.
  3. Stuff starting to thaw out. Sister's family and mother have heat. Taking them back later this afternoon................however, the roads are the worst that they have been since Monday. Older boy was going to grocery store in jeep, so I moved youngest car to the street, couldn't get back in drive way. Had to go around block 2 times........1st time I just slid right by going about 1MPH. Literally could not stop. Be safe out there. Saturday is almost here.
  4. Understand the math, and actually learned a bit about power grid yesterday. What I mean is why it has not been more "rolling blackouts". Many have been out for the duration, while I've been down for a very small period of time, while others have not lost power at all. I'm sure it's not as easy as flipping a switch, but at some point in time they need to come out w/ an explanation that everyone can understand. Lots of misinformation out there.
  5. So I went and got Grandma and a niece and nephew last night. Grandma w/o power since 2am Monday and house was in the 40's when I got there. Sister's house lost power at 8am yesterday and was in the 50's. I took them most of my firewood. Drove the county road to get up there and it was not that bad. Took the toll road back, and it was a pain in the ###. Woke up this morning and one of my sons had made yellow snow off the back patio and spelled his name. I said "you missed the good joke.......should have spelled "Grandma". Northern Fort Worth has to boil their water (if it is workin
  6. Worst mosquitoes I've ever experienced was in the summer in east of Calgary for my son's summer baseball team...........things were the size of small birds.
  7. We've been w/o since around 1130 (we had it set at 64 then). Have the gas fireplace running and all other rooms shut off except for sun room which has blinds. Thermostat shows 52. Boys took Jeep out to go tubing. Way to cold for me to join them.
  8. Look at the bright side.............we don't have to worry about our perishables. Mother in Fort Worth has went to a friends house. She was w/o power since 2am. At 830 it was 48 inside, so I told her to remember living in Iowa and drive the 3 miles. We have not lost power here 1 time, but even w/ bedroom doors closed and all vents closed that are not in living room / sun room / kitchen, heater is running full time to keep house at 60 degrees, and that includes gas fireplace. 1st casualty was brought in by our GoldenDoodle............dove did not make it through the night. I
  9. 6 inches of snow here about 30 miles south of Fort Worth and more on the way over night. And yes, everything that everyone has said is true. That is what makes it so bad, we are not prepared and can not prepare for this. Once in a 50 year thing, and it had been almost 4 years since DFW had measurable snow. Sort of like up in Canada lots of homes don't have air.......if it got to 110 for 2-3 days in a row, all hell would be breaking loose there. Supposed to get ice on Tuesday-Thursday on top of what we already have. Kids are distance schooling tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm
  10. Ice storm today, coldest temperatures in 40 years over the weekend, and then 7-12 inches of snow on Sunday night into Monday (I guess with it being that cold, it will be good powder). I know some of you in the midwest are experiencing the same thing, but we are not used to this. Baseball season was supposed to start on Saturday w/ scrimmages all next week........not gonna happen. Stay warm and stay safe. DFW Sat 13 31°/21° Cloudy 14% NNE 16 mph Sun 14 26°/8° Cloudy 24% NNE 19 mph Mon 15 14°/1° AM Snow Showers 40% NNW 16 mph Tue 16 26°/20° Mostly Cloudy 22% ESE 1
  11. Back in 1997 I was granted the opportunity to interview at one of their companies at the headquarters in Wichita. I would have been 33, and had just left Houston as a Senior Director of Budgeting and Analysis at a large gas company. Had moved up the ranks pretty quickly and was considered a good employee. I show up for the interview, and the receptionist hands be a packet with HR info, and several newspaper clippings from the local newspaper. One of the clippings had the following highlighted in yellow "Koch employees are no longer required to work on Saturdays". Of course this piqued
  12. So last night the 17YO goes on a date. Brings the girl back to the house at around 830. They are watching a movie in sun room, so I retire to the bedroom to watch the news channels. I fall asleep. I wake up at around 1015 thinking I hear "dad, dad, dad". As I'm in my sleepwear, I don't want to walkout if she is still there, so I grab my phone and call him. He says I just wanted to let you know she left. I'm like "ok". Flash forward 45 minutes and I hear "dad, dad, dad", so I get up and walk to his room and ask "what's up"? He says "look out my window". 2 police cruisers with police in
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