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  1. I was pleased GME didn't create another at-the-market offering this quarter. And even more pleased to see it climbing again today after last nights pummeling.
  2. I don’t think the party is over, because the shorts haven’t covered. As for dates, we will have to see if all of the new rules going into effect will stop that can kicking that has been going on. As previously mentioned, the latest rule, 002 which had been delayed for months was approved yesterday and goes into effect tomorrow.
  3. GME is done selling their 5M shares and the Stonk goes brrrrrr in premarket
  4. Should be a week for GME; new CEO starts today and was already appointed to the Board of Directors this morning. I think there might another FTD cycle rolling around soon and something about a rebalancing of Russell's bananas. I'm not sure what to make of this shift from Russell 2000 to the 1000. I would expect more sales volume from the 2000 ETFs than the 1000 ETF will be purchasing, but no idea what happens with all of the ####ery that has been going on behind the scenes.
  5. President of NYSE discussing dark pool price suppression of meme stocks: https://www.reuters.com/business/meme-stock-prices-may-not-properly-reflect-demand-nyse-president-2021-06-16/ For non-redditors; this has been one of those conspiracy theories bouncing around reddit for several months now. One of the ways the bad guys are keeping apes from the moon.
  6. Most of my attention goes to GME, which usually doesn't flow with the broader market. So, no, I don't think the apes listen to the Fed's and there will be little effect from whatever discussion they have today. GME has seen a floor of $210 for the past four days. Whatever powers that be seem to be keeping it above that and below Friday's max pain of $220. Wouldn't be surprised if this continues to trade sideways for the remainder of this week.
  7. Bought some of todays GME dip; hoping they are done or close to filling their war chest with another one billion dollars.
  8. This announcing of the sale share at T+2; if they completed selling the 5 million shares today, they have to wait until Tuesday to announce that?
  9. I'm still buckled in on this GME coaster, because I like the stock.
  10. perhaps this ape was on to something: https://www.reddit.com/r/DDintoGME/comments/nknkh2/a_visual_analysis_v4_showing_the_21_day_gme_ftd/
  11. Still have tickets to Hamilton Ontario. Was originally looking forward to hearing the new album live before it was released, now just desperately wanting a live event again... that and the official end to the Lightning Bolt tour; aka the seven year and counting tour. Last shows for me were the 2018 Fenway's.
  12. There will need to be a catalyst to get GME ascending higher. I don't think this mornings Gamestop announcements (CEO succession plan & Form 8-K), Gensler being sworn in on Saturday or DFV's purchases on Friday are that catalyst.
  13. I saw WWE was peddling NFTs during Wrestlemania this past weekend and started to think Fonzie must be in behind the boat and lining up to jump the shark. However, collectibles linked to NFTs are up in early hours today; looking at FNKO and MUDS (soon to be TOPPs).
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