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  1. There will need to be a catalyst to get GME ascending higher. I don't think this mornings Gamestop announcements (CEO succession plan & Form 8-K), Gensler being sworn in on Saturday or DFV's purchases on Friday are that catalyst.
  2. I saw WWE was peddling NFTs during Wrestlemania this past weekend and started to think Fonzie must be in behind the boat and lining up to jump the shark. However, collectibles linked to NFTs are up in early hours today; looking at FNKO and MUDS (soon to be TOPPs).
  3. I've been reloading on GME this week, but I tend to lean towards Homer level smarts. SMRT
  4. GME has announced it's plan to name Cohen as chairman of the board. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/gamestop-stock-rallies-after-plans-to-name-ryan-cohen-as-chairman-2021-04-08?siteid=yhoof2 eta: This will be announced at their annual meeting of shareholders that has been scheduled for 6/9.
  5. Loading the family truckster in August for a UP trek, so this thread is very timely. I think the only reservations we have at this point are a few nights in Christmas and another in Eagle River, trying to remain flexible to spend more time in areas that we like. Tahquamenon, Pictured Rocks, Porcupines and Upper Hand are on my list of places to visit... the family is determined to see a moose in the wild, so I might be drinking beers in the woods instead of the brewery though.
  6. Will my late 80s baseball cards finally be worth something? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sports-card-firm-topps-public-124953213.html
  7. DMEHF is up today too... was there news or announcement somewhere?
  8. I was looking at this earlier today and thinking the same thing... but I'm such a noob I was questioning my calc's to figure where the settling point should be with the new shares. So, I'm just continuing to watch.
  9. Am I missing news on FNKO coming from somewhere or is it up 15% because the meme apes are finally realizing Funko is the manufacturer of Gamestop's kitten banana squeezable that is being released on 4/20? https://www.gamestop.com/toys-collectibles/toys/plush/products/snazzy-bananya-16-in-plush-only-at-gamestop/226912.html
  10. Ahh, they've refreshed their numbers... at around 4:22pm, yahoo was posting a closing price of 202.44 for a +$0.69 gain on the day. If I'm not mistaken that would have made today the only day this week that GME finished green.
  11. According to yahoo; GME ended up $0.69 for the day... if that's not a positive sign heading into the weekend, I don't know what is.
  12. Doubled my FNKO position this morning on the dip into the $16's.
  13. I paper handed 85% of my GME this morning and will be looking for bottom again, I do like the company. Now my largest investments in the fun account are a couple of companies with HQs in Canada... planning to stick a while with last weeks purchases of Helium (DMEHF) and Hydrogen (BLDP). Thanks to @General Malaise & @Todem for those suggestions.
  14. Thank you for this video and all of your thoughts you've shared in this thread. This GME phenomenon is what finally got me off the sidelines and investing in a cash account late last week. I've been following this thread for a while, but literally feel like I'm learning individual trading in the trenches here. When this all settles down, my plan is to create a balanced portfolio with so many of the great FBG suggestions that are frequently discussed... but for now I'm buckled in and ready to launch!
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