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  1. And yet here we are almost 1/3rd through the day and nothing has happened. Yep. I’m the dope.
  2. I was answering a question of what I would have thought a year ago that would have led to the events of 1/6.
  3. I guess someone was watching the news all summer and figured it was prudent
  4. What kind of shenanigans did the Democrats pull during the 2020 election?
  5. I believe in using common sense and logic and not baselessly believing propaganda. Guilty.
  6. They might have read some blog which normally is passed along to local police. Who knows. There’s no credible threat. This militia would already be there or in transit. People would see them and reported them. There is no way they would get that far. Our country has surveillance on everyone and everything
  7. No armed militia is attacking the US Capitol and they never were going to do it.
  8. A preposterous post warrants a preposterous retort. There is no threat. Absolutely nothing will happen tomorrow.
  9. There is no threat. You will see that tomorrow. It’s all garbage.
  10. Apparently, I am following People pushing conspiracy theories about people following Q conspiracy theories. It’s quite the rabbit hole.
  11. Your grammar was so poor I was not sure what you were even trying to say. I don’t actively follow this Q nonsense.
  12. The left needs a make believe boogeyman so that they can draw attention away from what they are doing.
  13. There will be an alleged threat the remainder of this Presidency so they can keep the fencing and military in DC.
  14. Trump quickly and heroically drove the team to the goal line with Operation Warp Speed. All Biden has to do is not pull an Earnest Byner.
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