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  1. How many pages is that thread on the debunked Russia story? Has Biden held a press conference? Is the military still in DC? How many EO’s?
  2. A lot of disappointment in the PSF today. I think a couple went to IR with thumb damage from refreshing Twitter so much yesterday. Odd place.
  3. Still makes no sense. Can you please take a deep breath and check what you write before posting? TIA
  4. Freezing garages and uncooked meals with metal shards is hopefully not their homes.
  5. The troops, the fencing, the cancelling, the EO’s. It’s all about optics. The Democrats are in control. Comply or face the consequences.
  6. Very good video from John Stossel on left wing media bias in mainstream news https://fb.watch/421RgZ24gR/
  7. I use Father Trump to distinguish between him and Jr. who is also wildly popular in political circles.
  8. Link to threat. Republicans are trying to get answers about this “threat” and are not getting them.
  9. Seems like the Democrats are unwilling to provide their counterparts with a reason for the continuing military occupation of DC. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/03/04/top-armed-services-gop-outraged-national-guard-troops-asked-to-stay-in-d-c-without-credible-theat/
  10. I’m glad Republicans voted against $1 trillion in non-COVID spending in the COVID relief bill. https://www.theblaze.com/news/kennedy-biden-covid-relief-bill-orgy-of-pork
  11. So now this was another nothingburger can they send the troops home?
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