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  1. 17 man roster was mine where I cut him. 24 man roster, I’m keeping any RB with a pulse
  2. I cut him Monday. I seriously doubt he plays Sunday. The move of adding Bell to the 53 says Bell will be there for 3 weeks. Probably 50/50 he plays the game after the bye. Nobody in Ravens backfield is worth holding two weeks in a small bench league - in my opinion
  3. Shockingly, it appears the OMB crew can’t handle the TRUTH.
  4. Cool. Now we have empty shelves, high gas prices, a crisis at the border, and daily international embarrassments. Thanks Joe Dividen!
  5. He seems more like an Uncle Joe or Grandpappy Joe to me, but none of the above would trigger me.
  6. I get it I think many of us are nostalgic already about the Father Trump years in office. That’s why so many come to the MAGA thread.
  7. They moved Bell to the 53-man roster today, so I am assuming Murray is down for a bit.
  8. It should have never gotten to Obama. Bush should have reduced it to rubble until they produced Bin Laden and we should have stayed out of Iraq, but yes Obama had no plan.
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