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  1. Looks like the military occupation of DC is going to become permanent Definitely NOT a dictatorship https://www.military.com/daily-news/2021/05/14/guards-dc-deployment-could-become-permanent-lawmakers-eye-200m-quick-reaction-force.html
  2. Looked him up. Appears to be a fake news boogeyman. No wonder you guys get all riled up by the mention of his name. If he had dinner with the Koch’s, the HuffPost may explode.
  3. Biden was handed third base and got picked off while playing in the dirt.
  4. We could all use a Super Spreader of Patriotism about now. Thank you Father Trump.
  5. Catturd provides more answers to the nation’s problems than Jen Psaki on a daily basis.
  6. At least our former President could focus long enough to get in 18 holes. Definitely, not the new guy. And this is a Biden thread, not a whatabout Trump thread.
  7. Good point. His attention span appears to be about as long as a Mario Kart game.
  8. This forum has a RUSSIA thread that’s 2326 pages of debunked conspiracy theories.
  9. Both are more credible than gas station sushi which is 5x more trustworthy than the NYT.
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