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  1. Yeah, I would guess that scene has been commented on more than any other in this thread, except maybe the final cut-to-black scene. The look Paulie gives after Ade says to Christopher "you can no longer function as a man" is easily, unequivocably, the most hilarious 1 second of the entire series.
  2. Was it last week where her cast mate came over and tried to kiss her? In the speed episode, she was watching Don's kids and also was at the apartment when Don came home to the police in his house before passing out. I don't see the "Megan is dead" angle at all. Look harder what do you mean? Look harder.
  3. Feel the same way. Was I the only one cracking up watching Pete smoke weed in slow motion?
  4. Reminds me of Twin Peaks. A lot. Without the dream sequences or humor.
  5. Kate Upton. Hottest girl on the planet. Ridiculous body. Ridiculous.
  6. Noob here. Great thread, was enough to convince me to dip my toe in with the V4L starter kit and after a week I'm about to make the a conversion. Based on the praise of the REO here and elsewhere that definitely seems to be the way to go when they become available again. My knowledge is very primitive...to survive until then, can anyone recommend a course of action, for maybe a month or two? I have eight cartomizers, should I just order some juice and refill those with a syringe? The juice doesn't have to match the original carto, right? Is eight enough, should I order some blanks? So
  7. All good ones. Also:Jane's death (probably my vote for most intense scene in a TV show. Branston delivered his best acting in this scene without saying a word)Jesse on the ladder trying to swat the flyWalt blowing up Tuco's buildingMike telling Walt to go into the lab and Walt's plan unfoldingJesse recalling the wooden box he made in high schoolThe ending of One Minute and Jane's death are my two favorites. Up there with Adriana getting shot in the Sopranos, #### getting shot in the Sopranos, String getting hunted down in the Wire, Michael taking out Snoop in the Wire, and Draper giving the
  8. Ultimately, Wallace could only write so brilliantly because he understood the "terror way beyond falling." Fortunately for readers, though, he was able to complete this incredible book.### ####. Reading IJ is so chilling because he was brilliant enough to realize what was going to happen to him, and then able to write about it so well. DFW said "I had kind of a midlife crisis at twenty which probably doesn’t augur well for my longevity." That combination of self-awareness, genius, and fatalism makes for an incredible read.When you think about heavyweights in fiction, writers who have been stu
  9. The whole "accessibility" thing is a canard. The majority of critically-esteemed novels are pretty accessible. Of the authors listed thus far, I'd say only Joyce, Faulkner and maybe Proust are not very accessible.That said, I too like these picks, especially Catcher in the Rye. Your post was inaccessible because I had to look up "canard". But I didn't say the other selections are inaccessible. I said Catcher and Slaughterhouse might be considered too accessible. The prose flows easily. Short sentences--Vonnegut in particular who used a journalistic approach to writing. There is a lot to
  10. Catcher in the Rye and Slaughterhouse-Five are my two favorite novels. Superb on every level. The fact that they are enjoyable probably drops them on some critics' lists, those who believe that insightful, thought-provoking fiction can't be too accessible, but I think these two books can be read by nearly anyone and something enlightening can be extracted from the experience.
  11. I wasn't surprised, but I wasn't expecting it. I really liked Bode. I was rooting for him to survive.
  12. The one from The Brothers Karamazov is great. I've read it twice and don't recall it, though just about every page has at least one quotable line. With all the bickering about literary vs. entertaining, seems like the most sought after picks should be those that are both critically praised and beloved by readers. Catcher in the Rye and The Brothers Karamazov fit that mold more than any so far and would have been my 1 and 2.
  13. If you made a deal like this, you would be giving up the best player in the deal. IMO these kinds of trades rarely work out well, unless your team is bad enough that quantity trumps quality. I happen to own Freeman and Deangelo in one dynasty league, and I would trade both of them for Rivers without hesitation. There's a big difference between being a good NFL quarterback and a dominant quarterback in fantasy football. Rivers doesn't need to make any jump in production or get better weapons or get a different head coach to throw the ball endlessly and rack up numbers. He is already dominant
  14. You're gonna have to unwrap this quite a bit. Romo -- 30 yrs old Brees -- 31 yrs old Brady -- 33 yrs old Rivers -- 29 yrs old Peyton -- 34 yrs old Umm, he's nowhere NEAR old for QB. The guy easily has 5 yrs of top production. So let's get to that "missed lots of injury time" 2006 -- 16 games played (well, 10, but this was his 1st year as started and took over during week 6. Was active for all 16 and didn't miss any time) 2007 -- 16 games played 2008 -- 13 games played 2009 -- 16 games played So in his first 4 years as a starter, he missed 3 total games. This year he sustained a fractured
  15. I think Freeman is going to be a good one, but top 5 seems like a stretch. I'd probably swap him and Rivers and move Luck to the bottom of the list.One game does not make a career. I am high on Freeman but putting him in the top 10 would be hard for me to do right now.Wow. I'd put Romo, who didn't make the list, at 3, and Freeman outside of the top ten. Bradford is a good QB but top five? His game might or might not translate to fantasy production. Freeman, same thing. Who are the weapons that are going to enable him to put up 3 touchdowns and 300 yards most weeks? Rivers, you know you'r
  16. The Stand is awesome. Tommyknockers is pretty bad, and I love King.Well, it looks that I'll have both ends of the spectrum taken care of with the first two books. Other than The Stand, what are your favorites? IT is really good. Someone mentioned The Talisman - another good one. A lot of people put The Shining as his best; I don't but it's still pretty good. Pet Semetary is damned creepy.Pet Semetary contains the most disturbing, creepiest last page of any book I've ever read. IT is definitely the best King book next to The Stand. Salem's Lot, The Shining, Misery and The Green Mile are in t
  17. Seems like Rice's disappointing year has been a perfect storm of big plays called back, an injury that dragged down a couple games, a full slate of tough run defenses, inconsistent involvement in the passing game and simply not getting the holes he was last year. He had a lot of things go right last year and a lot of things go wrong this year. I'd say what he is is somewhere in between the two seasons' output. Obviously is McGahee is gone next year I'd feel better about his outlook--I still think he's a terrifc back in a solid offense who is capable of consistent 100 total yard games mixed
  18. Must have missed that. Was it during the amazing fake gangbanger episode? Yes. Rick tried not to cry but he did. He went into the woods and beat a dog to death in anger. Since then he's been fine and there's been no reference to it.
  19. I agree it's gotten better with each episode. When Jimmy went to Chicago is when the show shifted for me. And though I found maybe the first four episodes kind of dull, they are paying off now. Buscemi is good enough, but Michael Pitt and Michael Shannon are totally stealing the show, and Jack Huston and Stephen Graham have a chance to be awesome secondary characters. Also a little overlooked is Michael Stuhlbarg who plays Rothstein. He pulls off the smarmy, menacing vibe flawlessly.
  20. Doesn't seem like it'd be possible. Doesn't seem possible that zombies could spread across the world either. If there was an outbreak anywhere the area would be quarantined in the blink of an eye. The world today is vastly different than as little as 20 years ago. The military would have zero problem obliterating a mob of zombies. In World War Z it was able to spread because 1-It originated in rural China and nobody knew what was going on, 2-Organs were smuggled to various countries across the globe and nobody knew what was going on, 3-Governments reacted with isolationist attitudes and f
  21. Next time he has a bad game it'll get bumped. The problem is he has already had a successful year in a new offense with a weak offensive line. Nothing has changed--he forces passes sometimes, but he's an excellent quarterback who can make throws that other quarterbacks can't to win games. If he eats the ball and takes the sack, like he did today, instead of throwing it up for grabs, the Bears will do very well with that defense.
  22. The thought of seeing him take out one of the brothers makes me giddy. I dig quiet minor characters who professionally kill d-bags without hesitation or emotion. I'm shocked at how great of a character Jimmy has become. I've seen Michael Pitt in stuff before but had no idea he could give the kind of performance he's giving every week. He's fits the Omar mold...the "good" crook. Intelligent, ruthless but not evil, interesting, easy to root for. Kind of describes Tony Soprano too, but I never really thought to compare Tony to Omar.Anyway, great show.
  23. No, they freeze in winter time. Meaning even after the "war" is over, there is still a U.N. effort to kill zombies that thaw out every spring. And there are horrific stories of survivors who flee north into the wilderness in an attempt to avoid the zombies, but who are unprepared for the struggles of living in that environment.Brad Pitt is apparently producing a movie adaptation, but I think it would have worked better as an old school "anthology" show.Yes, I think World War Z would have worked better as a show so it could breathe and develop. In addition to thawing zombies being a problem,
  24. I'm working my way through The Wire right now on DTV 101 (about a quarter of the way into season 2). Watching these two series together really makes it obvious how great a job The Wire does at introducing you to new characters without relying on exposition. And its characters are fully fleshed-out and believable right from the get-go.Yeah, I know I'm comparing a crime drama that aimed at high-level political/social commentary with a zombie show, but given the hype this series received, it's not asking for too much to write some semi-decent characters.The Wire and Mad Men have unfortunately l
  25. To take it a step further, they should have cut to years in the future, showing him as a corpse slumped against the army dude.
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