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  1. Allen active Williams on a snap count from what I read. Not looking good with Johnson
  2. I have too many injuries with questionable players. I don't trust Allen for this game. Hamstring injury limited in practice and not much to play for. I wish there were better waiver wire pickups I could trust.
  3. Hamstring injury at this point in the season yikes.
  4. Looking at picking up Dallas. I mean they have to be able to stop or keep Cinci in check. I also have Pittsburgh which I don't like that matchup against Buffalo
  5. The problems of this team have snowballed The OL play has been atrocious due to injuries and/or replacements being inserted are not even remotely satisfactory. Carson is not even making multiple reads and is not seeing open players. He locks in to a single receiver most of the time. Carson is taking too long to stay in the pocket and really hasn't demonstrated in a lot of the games he is capable of throwing the ball away to live to play another down. Carson's accuracy has not been good and some of the decisions he has made throwing into coverage. The playcalling
  6. I can't be the only person watching this Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh game and notice that the Eagles need a similar offense scheme to get the ball out fast like the Steelers do. Wentz plays a similar style of early Ben. Now they have totally switched it up to a quick read offense of short throws. Hides the weakness of line blocking and less hits to the QB.
  7. Oh my Yahoo app said he was questionable to return but he is on there now.
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