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  1. Cbs sportsline still has wr listing- their depth charts indicate TE? what up!
  2. ya coin flip, have heard conflicting stories. I'm thinking they will split? (im a Brian Sipe guy)
  3. Darwin or Darrell ? (td based league - did i get names correct? for the ####### title!) thanks much keep in touch team Rec Rat
  4. thanks ballers- Feed em Russ!
  5. Do you think Darwin Thompson or Darrell Williams will get more volume for the Chefs?
  6. If Packers/Saints win Hawks cannot improve seed. Wilson could be benched at halftime
  7. Yep for the past 20 yrs- been wk 17. Tradition? Big bucks as well. As you can imagine the wire has been moving. td based, with scoring bonuses - picked up Chad Henne, do you’all think chiefs/chargers could develop into a shootout? Can chiefs second unit hang with the bolts? Opponent has Herbert.... Other option at Qb is Russell W. thanks for answering and hap-hap 🥳 happy new year!
  8. Respect. Not questioning the talent level- For me he's just not tough enough to earn #1 status anymore- NFL baby, gotta play dinged up, most of them do.. Believe staying healthy will a problem for him. Early to mid #2's. Happy new year Ballers Ron from sunny so cal!
  9. Start at the top- Mark my word, in off season Dean Spanos (wants out) will sell the team that Alex handed to him turning a winning franchise into a train wreck that it is. New vision will get the fa’s in and compete with the other LA team filling the new venue.
  10. He’s done, already peaked- from here on out he will have earned the damaged merchandise tag. Will see you at the 3rd down and only club Chrissy...
  11. There has been no team reports stating that JR superstar had a “high ankle injury”. HC Doug Marrone says they'll rest RB James Robinson in practice this week but Robinson has told Marrone he wants to and feels like he will play Sunday vs. Da Bears. Tough kid wants to break team rookie mark
  12. So basically he is amounting to what I thought he would be out of college, small white guy/3rd down specialist- lacking toughness
  13. Toughie- the only thing Brown has been bust so far, no? And Gurley would be play if considering volume. With that being said is this the game AB breaks out? I was also read that Gurley not 100%. Good luck
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