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  1. Just got offered a trade to receive Melvin Gordon and Tyler Lockett for D'Andre Swift and Robert Woods. Like Lockett better than Woods but worried about Gordon with DUI and possible suspension and Lindsay going off this week. My other RB's: Kamara, Conner, Justin Jackson, Le"Veon Bell, Zack Moss and Chubb on IR My Other WR's: Tyreek Hill, AJ Brown, Justin Jefferson, Keenan Allen Would you take the trade to get Gordon and Lockett and give up D'Andre Swift and Robert Woods?
  2. I am debating same question. Have Swift but just offer of trade to get Gordon.
  3. OMG - don't know why I typed Antonio Brown! Meant AJ Brown!
  4. Hi there - In 10 team Keeper League where we can keep 2 players. I kept Lamar Jackson and Antonio Brown both where drafted very late last year. Have the 4th pick and am debating between Kamara and CEH. I'm a risk taker but not sure if I should just stick with the script. What do you think? Thanks
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