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  1. Sorry, missed your whole goings on about wanting a bass boat then.
  2. Yes because they protected their genes first, and after that protected the tribe. I don’t think you understand how evolution works. Maybe you shouldn’t have brought it up.
  3. Boats are one of the worst investments you can make if they aren’t used to provide income. Worse than cars.
  4. Sorry. I took it as an insult when you said people are more evolved when they are not like me and don’t vote for the best economic outcome for their family. Care to explain?
  5. Evolution protects the family (selfish gene) before the tribe. Every time.
  6. No. Not really. Surprised to see you take this tired angle. People vote with their pocketbook. I don’t give a crap who it is as long as my capitol gains tax stays at 15%. If that makes me a lesser person for taking care of my family then so be it. It doesn’t make me racist because they guy who I voted for has more economic sense than the socialist alternative.
  7. He told you to hold and see what the new administration does. You need him to hold your hand through it or what?
  8. Here we go.,,, media says the riot was probably a super spreader event. Something they failed to mention all through the summer of love riots. Can we just be done with this stupid Covid fear fest once Sleepy and Dumpy are sworn in?
  9. I agree, who did you report them to, write your congressman? I doubt that would do me any good.
  10. Biden and what's her name mixing up uniting the country with attacks against Trump and 75 million Americans. Nice work after Trump committed to a peaceful transfer of office. Biden throws out another Nazi reference. Idiots.
  11. Are you being controlled by social media test - do you know how to install apps without using the app stores? Y or N ?
  12. You're not an iPhone user unless its jailbroken.
  13. iPhone, and Apple like to control their products just like Twitter likes to control their subscribers. They are a giant pig monopoly. Android APK can be installed directly from parler.com. That's how it should be. App stores are for people whom they have control over.
  14. Apple gives Parler 24 hours to give them a moderation plan because they think much of the riot was coordinated through their platform. CEO of Parler responds by saying Apple must be responsible for every car bomb, terrorist act and crime committed with an iPhone. Touche. Apples sux, I never understood why nerds were attracted to their controlling censoring products.
  15. Not if it means getting rid of their biggest competitors. Checkmate.
  16. They dont do much controlling, the users do, that's the point.
  17. As of November they have 10 million registered and 4 million active. But yeah they crashed for a couple hours right after Trump got kicked off Twitter, presumably by a large influx. Buying more powerful servers isnt that big of a problem to solve tho.
  18. I agree, just because of apple's restrictive BS control of everything and not being able to get apps any other way. Apple is a devil in all this, I hate apple products. Androids can download the app directly from the website. ETA: You can always just log in through a browser.
  19. Here is Parler's TOS on the content you can post. Plus an addition section about copyright. So basically dont post stuff you dont have the rights to, and dont break any laws. Users are responsible for their content. Simple. They have a host of tools to filter out content you dont want to see. And the big one: they dont sell your information or manipulate you with it.
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