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  1. Maybe he works for the Washington Post? Then his post would be consistent with his work standards.
  2. Before we can do that we'd have to define "bad experience" wouldn't we? And that's a very subjective term. I'll admit that. So, we should really be talking about the likelihood of a black person being killed by a cop. Because that's what all the rioting and BLM is about, right? So, are you saying that a black person who acts appropriately isn't likely to live when interacting with a police officer?
  3. What claims? I haven't even specified any specific data. My only claim is that the likelihood of a black person having a bad interaction with police is very very low, just as it is for other races, especially when they act appropriately. Is that what you dispute?
  4. Not exactly on topic but seems relevant here: https://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/study-finds-devastating-costs-few-benefits-from-michigans-extreme-fall-winter-lockdown?fbclid=IwAR2i-vf7RSrFEKqB-ULUV7wfWWjKJ5lLi4cQWrcqPaKbKGq4VoCkq6XylIc
  5. I'm not looking for data that compares 60 years ago to today. Don't need to. I can simply look at the data from today and say that's pretty good. If it was that good 60 years ago we probably wouldn't have changed anything. I assume things were worse but it's really not relevant to me. I know how things are today, and they're not as portrayed by the media and inflamed by politicians. I'm also not going to research what laws/rules have changed in the last 60+ years. Do you really think they haven't? I wouldn't think we'd have disagreement that the rules/laws have changed, and that en
  6. Not specifically with regards to black citizens. See, if we create uniform rules they benefit everyone. So, we don't make rules that are specific to a single race. We create rules that are applied to everyone, INCLUDING every race. Then we enforce those rules. That's what has changed over the last 60 years, and continues to do so. I'm not saying it's perfect, but again we can look at the data. Why doesn't anyone want to look at the data? Overall things are in pretty good shape, or were before the false narratives started to burn things down.
  7. 1) Cops used to treat everyone like poo. I'm sure it was worse for blacks, especially in some areas, but let's not pretend white people didn't have bad experiences with cops too 60 years ago. 2) Did I mentioned that the time frame you're talking about is 60 years ago? Right. 60 years. We've evolved since then, including the police. I thought this was common knowledge. 3) The reason black people shouldn't fear the cops is that statistically they're extremely unlikely to have a bad experience if they act appropriately. No one talks about this but the data is out there. If mor
  8. For one thing, in the major cities, every police officer is likely to be affected if only one has an incident. They're going to be doing riot control and, in a place like Portland, be asked to do so in a neutered state. And it's going to be going on night after night. Can you imagine what it's like being a cop in Minneapolis right now? For another thing, you're doing a job that presumably you're proud of. And look at how you're being treated, by the people you serve, by the media, even by the people running your city who should have your back. I'd quit my job in a second if I didn't
  9. The small group doesn't taint the profession. There are as many corrupt/bad doctors as there are bad cops but that profession isn't tainted. It's the way any incident with a cop is framed. Look at this one. If a doctor has a patient die on the operating table that maybe could have been saved no one calls for his head. But a cop makes what appears to be a good shoot and instead of giving him props until/unless the facts change he is automatically put under a microscope. The BEST CASE scenario for a cop is to be second guessed by people who weren't there and have no experience doing his jo
  10. I agree. I do think things ARE going to change. You're going to have less people you'd want on the police force willing to be on the police force. Seriously, if you're an intelligent adult capable of doing all sorts of things to make a living why would you want to be a cop in today's climate, especially in a large and/or racially diverse city? You're already seeing a mass exodus of cops in places like Minneapolis and Seattle. I think you're going to see police forces having trouble maintaining their numbers, an increase in crime in those types of cities, and then a lowering of standards i
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