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  1. From an earlier post from the OP: My guess: This guy is on the brink of bankruptcy. Maybe Covid and/or the labor shortage has hit him hard. He's doing everything he can to stay in business and he's taking on more than he can chew and as a result he's not operating to the standards he did previously. Every lost customer is another step closer to bankruptcy and he's not responding well to that pressure. Obviously, I have very limited information but given how long he's been in business and everything it just seems like there's some force at work that didn't exist at other times.
  2. Is he taking you to small claims court or something higher? If small claims I'd countersue.
  3. Pretty sure they need Sinema too. There's also a report that Manchin is considering leaving the Dem party altogether. IOW, I wouldn't count your chickens before they hatch. I guess you weren't being serious when you said you were going to limit your involvement in this forum. Welcome back I guess.
  4. I thought it was interesting to find out that Biden commuted on Amtrak every day for 36 years as VP. Good for him!!!
  5. When asked about the supply chain problems, Jen Psaki quipped: Good to see they're on top of this issue!!
  6. Yeah, Evergreen is right up there as well. A former student put together a series of documentary style videos of that fiasco. I found it fascinating and watched all of them. If anyone wants to see the ultimate in wokeness here's a link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRdayXEOwuMG9DG66Bvx6YbUnhw-buS5K Evergreen vs. Oberlin is certainly a tossup in the wokeness awards.
  7. Oberlin college is the most woke place on Earth. If you really want to see something disgusting do some research on the Gibson bakery lawsuit that is working it's way through the appeals process.
  8. Protecting U.S. citizens and preventing invasions has to be one of the top jobs of the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of these United States. If not doing that isn't impeachable, nothing is.
  9. Or we can stop calling our fellow American's by derogatory terms and work on actual solutions. Of course, your solution is to just open the border wide open so it's not like we'll probably get anywhere using that more civilized method either. So here we are......
  10. Take that up with the NYPD and the LAPD for not doing their jobs. I'm not going to comment on the Texas case. It was argued in front of a jury and apparently didn't persuade them. Our legal system is specifically designed to favor the defendant so if it was a close call they should have erred on acquittal.
  11. I don't think this is common. I would posit that 99% or higher of convictions are valid. The evidence wins most of the time as long as the lawyers are at least competent. Again, I point to the Durst trial. That man has more money than anyone but will be spending the rest of his life in prison. Why? The evidence. What *MY* impression is that in a lot of cases where someone if found to be innocent after being convicted often comes down to the evidence not being evaluated correctly for various reasons. The bigger issue with poor people is they are constantly taking plea bargains as the PD in Stealthycat's case tried to do which can result in a harsher sentence than if they had either gone to trial or had a more aggressive attorney. However, it's worth noting that in most of those cases the accused was guilty as well. The problem people have is trying to compare cases against each other and say well so and so got this sentence but in this other case they got a better sentence. But that's always going to happen. There are different lawyers in front of different judges and often in different jurisdictions with different sentencing guidelines. I don't want a cookie cutter legal system. I want each case to be evaluated on it's own merits and by the standards each individual community wants.
  12. Yes. Woz and I discussed the O.J. trial earlier in this thread. Total incompetent prosecution.
  13. I disagree with this assertion. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution. When they can prove their case, such as the recent Chauvin and Durst trials, they win. When the charges are politically motivated without evidence to support those charges, such as the Zimmerman trial and this one, they tend to lose.
  14. No. It's flat out illegal but nothing will be done about it. Our race to the bottom continues.
  15. Anyone talking about climate change or getting off fossil fuels without mentioning Nuclear energy are being disingenuous.
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