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  1. The leftist love for censorship never ceases to amaze me.
  2. 'Groundbreaking' Supreme Court case could await Facebook after Trump ban By Fox News Staff | Fox News "Woke Inc." author Vivek Ramaswamy said Monday that former President Trump could have a potentially "groundbreaking legal theory," should he choose to take his Facebook ban to the U.S. Supreme Court. VIVEK RAMASWAMY: I think that this self-criticism was just a veneer, it’s a smokescreen designed to create this air of legitimacy around their decision when in fact they did exactly what Mark Zuckerberg wanted to. They reinforced the decision that Facebook made. President T
  3. 4 seasons. One as a distant WR#2 behind Keenan. Two banged up with ankle injuries and last season missed completely with a shoulder injury. His numbers when he plays are decent. He has good hands and good speed, although he did piss Rivers off with a game-winning drop. Of course the same thing happened to Swift in game #1, but that is forgotten.
  4. IMHO, the WR are more than good enough. Tyrell Williams only year as a #1 WR he posted 69-1059-7....which is not bad. His other years in San Diego, Rivers focused heavily on Keenan Allen. Tyrell had decent years for the Raiders, but was banged up most of the time which impacted his numbers. Last year missing the season with a shoulder injury. He had a $44 million, 4-year deal with the Raiders, so he was well coveted. Assuming Tyrell is healthy, he is a legitimate #1 WR. I also like St. Brown to be very productive this year. Pair that with a pro-bowler at TE and a couple great options o
  5. Ben Shapiro slams Google over email describing him as a 'Nazi'
  6. The culture which exists in tech giants like Google/YouTube is that folks like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro are extremist and are labeled as Nazis by Google's “transparency and ethics” group. They are routinely censoring even moderate conservative voices for ideas. Nobody on the left cares. They poo poo it as some kind of wild conspiracy. The left is appears to be void of anyone who cares about free speech.
  7. 🤣....that is where you are confused.
  8. There are a ton of banning. I see posts on a daily basis be censored by Facebook. I know multiple people who are consistently put in Facebook jail. Conservative media and bloggers posts pulled from YouTube. It is very common on widespread.
  9. It is not hyperbolic in the least.
  10. Unfortunately I have found that Democrats/leftists have zero respect for free speech and will use every tool available to surpress speech they disagree with.
  11. BLM demands Trump be banned from political office and demands Trump be permanently banned from all social media.
  12. But THAT is the problem. This fear of police is all based on anecdotal evidence which distorts reality
  13. Patricia was an absolute jerk. Here the Darius Clay-Patricia saga: Two incidents between Lions coach Matt Patricia and cornerback Darius Slay early in Patricia's tenure in Detroit began a rift between the two that might have contributed to Slay being traded, the player told ESPN on Thursday. Slay, who on Thursday was dealt to the Philadelphia Eagles for two draft picks, talked about his respect for Lions owner Martha Ford, his teammates and the city of Detroit. But he told ESPN he didn't see "eye-to-eye a lot" with one person in the organization: Patricia. The discord ste
  14. Interesting YouTube video here on why the Rams problems were not Goff. It shows Goff constantly under pressure and states that Goff had the 6th best passer rating in the NFL when given a clean pocket.
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