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  1. I like Fells better. He is a sneaky good pass catcher who is a huge target who can block.
  2. At least one WR will break 1,000 and have 8 TDs and I would guess Tyrell or maybe Amon-Ra. Tyrell is a bit better than his numbers show as he has been playing banged up and not always starting the last few years.
  3. He is going to have a great chance to start for the Lions and could easily become Goff's most targeted WR.
  4. Most people who get punched, punch back. Not sure if that is petty. It is a lot more than just one thing though. It has accumulated.
  5. From the 1970 thru 2020, it looked like the Lions averaged only one really good draft per decade and the other 9 years the Lions were only getting maybe one real player and a bunch of duds. Between Schwartz and Millen and Quinn and Patricia, it was the most incompetent leadership in NFL history. Detroit would have been better served using dart-throwing monkeys in setting up their draft boards and strategy. What a huge difference Sheila has made getting Holmes and Campbell. Players are genuinely excited about coming to Detroit to play football for them.
  6. THIS IS SO DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 66 percent of Democrats believed Russia tampered with vote tallies to get Donald Trump elected.
  7. The poll found that a whopping 42 percent of Democrats believe the election was rigged....
  8. What is the Lions best draft class? I would think 1992 was the strongest most productive class. 1. Robert Porcher 2. Tracy Scroggins 3. Jason Hanson 6. Larry Tharpe 8. Willie Clay Getting 5 guys that gave you numerous productive years as starters is a really great draft. or 1980 was pretty good: 1. Billy Simms....One of the greatest backs of all-time, who is grossly underrated due to a shortened career. 4. Eric Hipple....Had some stretches where he looked like a good QB. For the Lions, one of the better QB's. Did throw for over 10,000 ya
  9. A lot of things can happen, but the only guy that may be on the fence about making the final roster is Jermar, but I think he does. And none of these are special teams guys. I can see 3 or 4 guys starting day 1 and the others all getting a decent number of snaps per game. That is an awesome haul, probably the Lions best overall draft they ever had. No Barry or Calvin, but there are a lot of nice pieces which substantially sped up the rebuilding process.
  10. They would have tried to trade the pick , but probably taken DeVonte Smith but Waddle or Parsons would have been a possibilities too. The Lions would have taken Sewell at no. 2.. I think they were shocked Cincy and Miami passed on Sewell.
  11. But yet accurate. It is no more misleading than your typical headline.
  12. Minor? It carries up to a six months prison sentence and if you were denied entry before or deported it then is a felony.
  13. Why spend 1st round pick on a player you hope never sees the field for four years? Seems a waste for the Packers and Love. The Pack could have used a stud on defense last year. I am not sure why Pack fans are siding with management. The talk they should of had with Rogers before taking Love was asking how long he still expects to play?
  14. I am skeptical of the skepticism. People made way too much over one 40 time, which really wasn't that bad even. The Lions got a lot real football players who are going to bring that knee-biting attitude. I thought it was a pretty awesome draft overall. They drafted a bunch of guys who are going to be making impacts their first year.
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