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  1. You conflate way too much. Just because there was a plan for a handful of instigators does not make it a well organized armed coup attempt planned by the protestors. The back peddling of what was reported that day and what we are learning actually happened. There is a gross difference between the hysteria and the facts.
  2. It is pretty low-hanging fruit. Take this quote "All were allowed to just leave the building after attacking police, smashing windows, stealing computers and documents from lawmakers." All 800 were certainly not attacking police, smashing windows, stealing computers and documents from lawmakers. There were a handful of windows broker and maybe a couple laptops. The characterization is false like so much of the narrative and rhetoric surrounding that day.
  3. It exposes a lot of the BS that you have been spreading for the last two months.
  4. What do i believe? I am not a Trump supporter nor do i believe Trump claims. There is also no evidrnce that the vast majority had any intentions of doing anything except protest outside that group of Proud Boys and a few others. There are numerous people arrested who peacefully entered the Capitol and walked right past enterences which were manned by security. Non-violent protestors should not have the book thrown at them simply for entering. Those who are known to have actually plotted or acted violently should. So i have no idea what you think i believe which is different than you outl
  5. Let's see, you actually said: "Just an opinion made up out of thin air. Gotcha." That comes across as snarky, dismissive and condescending. I sited a Supreme Court case, one of the biggest liberal icons of the 20th century and i explained my logic. To characterized (and even fabricate by putting quotes around something i did not say) is bush league on top of it.
  6. Proud Boys have been looking for a fight all summer long before the election and they were chattering aboug violence at the Capitol a month prior. If anything it shows Trump's speech and election rhetotic did zero to incite them.
  7. Seems like it was an appropriate logo for a big tech company.
  8. I love the phoney outrage over the phoney outrage so we can avoid the issue schtick.
  9. It is an concept based on past supreme court ruling. I seriously am getting tired of the condescending belittlement that occurs by the liberal mob on this forum. Grow up.
  10. Facebook censuring the Hunter Biden story. Conservative competitors being deplatformed. In Hasbro case, they publish a ton of children's books and materials, which are bought by school districts across the country. If they are seen as non-PC, they could face being blacklisted as racists. Liberals are actively boycotting numerous organizations who are seen as simply supporting Trump. The arguement does not even require a direct link to government coercion to be correct. In the early 1900's prominent liberals promoted the idea that corporations could commit first amendment violations.
  11. Maybe. But in a lot of these cases the private companies are acting at least in part out of fear of reprocussions from government. So government can effectively use their purse strings to impliment anti-free speech policies essentually using a looohole to eliminate free speech.
  12. Whose vote did they have to buy? No one. It was just an opportunity to get $1.8 trillion of leftwing goodies under the guise of providing $0.2 Triilion in free money for voters under the guise of being COVID relief.
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