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  1. I had a 'w' already chalked up for the Ravens after Detroit scored. Then with 4th and 18 I had thought there was a glimmer of hope for a Lions victory.
  2. This apparently is the only forum I am allowed to post in anymore.
  3. Usually it is just one or two of those to get a loss. It is unusual for it to take three levels of misery to beat the Lions.
  4. Throw in some bad reffing and it's a rare trivecta for a Lions loss.
  5. Not the first time the Lions have lost on a record setting fg.
  6. He wasn't even that good before his knee issue.
  7. They just signed Ragnow to a new 4-year extension and they have Hock for the next three years at $5 million. I really don't know why Sport Illustrated hires such ignorance. There is zero chance Detroit Trades either away. Now Taylor Decker who is under contract thru 2025 might make more sense if you are convinced Sewell is the best solution at LT and neither is great at another position.
  8. Mike Valenti Ponders Trading T.J. Hockenson and Frank Ragnow One of the dumbest suggestions I have ever heard. Getting draft capitol is good for players who are too old to be at their peak when you expect to be competitive. But when you have studs who are just getting into their prime, that is the foundation you build around. Right now you have Swift-Hock-Ragnow-Sewell. The Lions are already loaded with draft capitol, you don't give away foundation pieces to gamble on getting players who in all likelihood will be downgrades. On offense you draft the franchise QB, one top WRs, and use your cap space to get a WR#2. And you have a top 5 offense. The Lions offense is young and really in good shape to be super competitive in a year or two. Defense on the otherhand is a disaster. No superstuds, but a few young pieces who will develop into good players and a lot of gapping holes. They really need a couple superstars, especially a top coverage guy. Then more coverage help and a couple linebackers and a safety. Really this is where most of their cap money needs to be focused on and the remaining draft capitol. The 4 defensive draft picks this year look to be good NFL players who can be solid future pieces. The DL is the only place that is even decent. They need an influx of at least 7 new defensive players to be competitive.
  9. Stafford would have made the game interesting. Goff is not effective running a hurry up offense.
  10. He has the best YouTube channel. Best sports show there is.
  11. Detroit moved the ball 16 yards in 3 minutes You have to go hurry up and push the ball down field a bit.
  12. Looks like they are trying to eat clock. Zero sense of urgency.
  13. They will. This year's draft was very good and I expect that trend to continue. It will go down as one of the Lions best drafrs ever.
  14. It is not like Stafford would have made this team a winner. This team needs help at WR, CB, LB, SS before it can even think about playoffs.
  15. Next year's draft is going to have at least three picks and probably a couple free agent targets here.
  16. Or he had a bad day. 3-56-1 in the first half suggest maybe it was.
  17. He ran an official 4.55 at the Wisconsin Pro day, that is probably closer to reality.
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