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  1. @jwb chat says ure up, Tim is missing, people picked some weird stuff, and Joe Bryant will never check this page so if you want to get some crap of your chest about FBGs now is the time.
  2. I now have Tony Soprano, Archie Bunker and Homer Simpson. I feel super masoginistic. And I'm like... Not.
  3. 5.9 -Greatest TV Dad - Homer Simpson Greatest doesn't mean most virtuous. Homer is animated, not a real human, but is the best TV Dad ever imo (funny, me, lazy, me, obese, me, dumb, me. He is the every man and he's drawn in 596 pixel quality over over 2 decades.)
  4. Thanks Krista! I literally just got back. I would have skipped jwb as well in that spot just cuz the rules were posted earlier (no offense to jwb, all love and I expect you to do the same to me)
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