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  1. McKissic (with Gibson in) over Pollard (with Zeke in) in .5 is the move right?
  2. I’m aware. I’m asking if I should pivot from playing the Cleveland DST to Miami DST or LAR DST.
  3. That entire thought process just so he can finally not be sharing the backfield now. Which would’ve made me auto start him.
  4. Kyler wasn’t taking those read options and he was giving them to Drake those weeks. Before then he was taking them. Last week he started taking them again. I believe he was having shoulder problems or just wasn’t running as much. Last week Drake dropped 5 points for me and this is a worse matchup. All that made me sit him.
  5. I wonder if Drake will find one last way to laugh at me this season by me sitting him for McKissic/Pollard.
  6. I am absolutely paralyzed by starting Cooks, AB, JD, or Pollard (even if Zeke plays). This is brutal. I wish he just sat. How effective is he even gonna be having not logged a full practice all week?
  7. Lamar, Tannehill Henry, Cook, Drake (ew), JD Mckissic, Pollard Diontae, Cooks, Claypool, AB Andrews Cleveland, Rams Going up against Hurts, Diggs, Aiyuk, Aaron Jones, Gibson, Carson, MG3, Kelce, Buffalo. The only other team in my league that could destroy me is this one. The one I traded Carson (right when he got injured) and Kelce for Henry for. (Traded away Conner and Woods for Kelce and Cooks thankfully).
  8. Have him in alongside Diontae and over Claypool. Tough for me but here we go.
  9. Word. If you have other options like that I agree with you. I’m sitting him for Tannehill.
  10. Cooks has beasted for 1000 yards with multiple teams and multiple QB’s. Watson can sling it. I think Cooks owners just got themselves a WR1 for the rest of the season.
  11. Sometimes you can strike gold with that Monday bum, too. Like if the Vikings play on a Monday bum and you drop your Thursday bum for Mattison or Moss with the Bills and (I’m not even going to type the words out) #### happens. Then boom. Starting bum. If you have a revolving door as one or more of your roster spots, you can do that #### every week. Multiple times. Yahoo, I believe default, let’s you drop players on your bench who have already played. ####, I’ve dropped players like AJ Green during the game.
  12. When we speculating his return? I traded him for Wason early season and figured the saving grace was his playoff schedule.
  13. I’m thinking of dropping Tee for them. Is that stupid? I’d lock in my defenses up to championship week and Tee was fighting for a spot with Diontae, Claypool, Cooks and AB above him now. Someone in my league grabbed CLE already so I’d rather not miss out. Mixing them in with LAR and NYJ just for SEA’s week 14 vs NYJ.
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