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  1. I thankfully don't see anyone wearing those nut huggers hiked up over their belly button around me but you do you! 😃
  2. More than 70% of American Patriots believe Biden is a fraud. Father Trump has a great shot at being backbin the oval office by year end.
  3. Those shorts are awful. So ugly and way too short.
  4. I love that the guy who liked this post started the Russia thread, the real Big Lie
  5. Well duh, easier to run over an incompetant guy who doesn't know where he is half the time.
  6. No, videos of Biden stumbling around incoherently do not lie. He is also shown to be very innapropriate towards young women which as a father of a daughter is repulsive. I know your media you watch don't show these but do yourself a favor and watch some of these. He is a huge embarrassment.
  7. I will put you in the category with I imagine most of the Democrats will be, that you will never accept the results of the AZ audit. However, if fraud is found these will create additional audits in swing states where voting stopped counting in the middle of the night with Trump ahead and suddenly Biden was ahead in the morning.
  8. Not neccessarily, I said lying and making attempts to remove a sitting President. If it turns out that Biden was elected by fraud then yes he should absolutely be removed. Wouldn't you agree? Let's let the process play out.
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