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  1. was dropped in my league so debating using #2 waiver to pick him up
  2. I put a limit order to buy at $33 on IPO day when it was at $32.90 and it jumped quickly and I never got it. Sad banana.
  3. Yep, Fresno is pretty good. They will be ranked next week. Haener with heroic effort pulls it out.
  4. Dude, they just played at Ohio State last week so even with Stoney Brook their non conference schedule is way harder than most teams. Don't take Fresno State lightly as they will give your Bruins a game today.
  5. Thank you for admitting your bias. Have a great weekend!
  6. Incorrect, YOU are the one who has already made up their mind. Sad.
  7. Now do @dkp993 and the others who have already preconceived views the forensic audit is flawed and said they won't accept the results no matter what.
  8. Agreed. I have a friend who voted for Biden and he still hasn't admitted he made a mistake. People just refuse to admit they were wrong.
  9. @zoonation is guilty of incorrectly saying Trump tried to overthrow an election. Three amigos right there.
  10. These alliances dominating the show the past few years makes it tough to watch. I don't see myself watching the remainder of the season.
  11. No, Superman has enough wits to never vote liberal
  12. Over 25,000 votes were from one individual Shi Nanigans
  13. This is why we are so divided as a country. You see what you want to see. Crazy.
  14. Let me be more clear. You have proven nothing and you are going down in flames. If you have proof you would post it.
  15. Take this weak trolling to the multiple anti-Trump threads in the PSF. Nobody in here will be convinced of your lies no matter how many times you say it. If you have proof that he mocked a disable person I welcome you to post it.
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