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  1. I’d go with tee higgins, he’s the most consistent out of all of them. Respond to mine if u can.
  2. CEH and conner, best upside out of all of them. Respond to mine if u can.
  3. I like ceh and mike davis. I think because bridgewater is out, theyre gonna feed davis. Respond to mine if u can.
  4. i think williams is the best candidate, they are def gonna let herbert swing the ball vs the jets. Respond to mine if u can. Thanks
  5. Ill respond to urs if u do mine. choose 3 mike davis vs lions mt vs atl crowder vs lac ab vs lar marquise vs ten jeudy vs mia Thanks!
  6. cooks, i think its gonna be a shootout with him popping
  7. I would do it, you definitely need more wr depth.
  8. I will respond to urs if u respond to mine starters: arod clyde mike davis marvin jones crowder jonnu jerry juedy lutz bucs bench: justin jackson perine akers thomas(out) Crowder is doubtful and probably out. If he isn't, should i start him cuz he might get lower reps due to the injury. If he is out, should i start jackson or pick up someone in my league? best options: mvs cobb renfrow
  9. I think in the long run, ceh and lamb are better for dynasty. Sure, you might not win this year, but next year, this will honestly be a top 2 squad.
  10. I would be on the side with then rodgers and chubb then, seems more valuabale in the long run and you have depth to secure a rb hole till chubb is back
  11. I would have chark and if u are looking to give away, chubb, I would keep him cuz u still have rb depth and he'll add a lot to it. I wouldn't give away thomas as well, hes too valuable. Who is ur qb might I ask because u could just pick one up off waivers. Respond to mine if u can
  12. Goff is a safer pick. Don't trust dalton this week, prob gonna be running the ball.
  13. I'll respond to urs if u respond to mine. I got the vikings defense vs falcons that I'm iffy abt rnow, in fa: there is bucs vs packers, cards vs cowboys, titans vs houston. Pick someone else or stick within this team also got clyde, mike davis, crowder, marquise, and jeudy vs pats starting. If gilmore shows up, i think he'll lock down jeudy. and my bench has lamichel perine vs dolphins, who will prob get a good amount of touches now that leveon left. Should I stick with my current lineup or start perine? Thanks
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