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  1. Same. 2018 was my first vote ever cast for a Democrat. 2020 was my first vote for a Democrat for President. I’d voted “R” top to bottom since GHW Bush in 92.
  2. Yeah I hear it’s a really good game. Just don’t try to play it on an old ### console.
  3. I got about 10 minutes into it and set it aside. The walking control alone is just terrible. It reminds me of Asassins Creed, at least the earlier ones. It’s difficult to turn, basically you can only walk in a straight line whichever way you’re facing. Ugh.
  4. Yes, and it was pretty well done, at least for a show at the time.
  5. This guy can’t exit the White House soon enough.
  6. It makes you wonder if they were shooting for next gen based on anticipated specs, and leadership made them account for old gen as best they could to capture a lot more dough. At the end of the day, corporate greed and shortsightedness has screwed the m.
  7. I read the book twice when I was younger. I didn’t realize the show launched already. I don’t have CBS All Access at the moment, but may get it now just for this show and the new season is Star Trek.
  8. I hadn’t even heard of it until you mentioned it now. I ran downstairs and started the download. If it’s anything close to the Skyrim or Witcher experience, I’ll be a happy man.
  9. It sounds like the development teams knew it wasn’t ready, and said as much. CDPR leadership wouldn’t listen, and here we are. I’ll still buy it at some point for the Series S, but will wait for patches and a low, low price.
  10. The thing is, a very large number of those being grifted are low income, low education Americans. It’s sad.
  11. Maybe Gregus or Reynoso are looking for something to do in their offseason.
  12. The Vikings had better start shopping for a kicker. 3 “gimme” points off their scoreboard in 2 games.
  13. Add in the large number of businesses that would pull up stakes the day this plan is announced. Plus the brain drain and most of what you’re left with is an undereducated, conspiracy driven populace. It would be a massive failure.
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