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  1. 12 team SF, both teams contenders Team A receives Devonta Smith Team B receives Kenny Golladay, late 22 1st
  2. I think this is great for "high-level" info for those who don't want to dive in themselves. Good add.
  3. @BusMan still needs a 19th round makeup pick.
  4. My understanding is you can still draft them and do get their week 1 points.
  5. He’s in and picked. Interesting that @BassNBrew hasn’t apparently been on the site since 1969 😂
  6. Dark mode seems to lock up using iPhone. Switched to default and it’s ok.
  7. Another vote for Javonte and agree with @tangfootthat I would be hammering WRs from here. Not quite a productive struggle team with the quality of youth but I would definitely shy away from anything on the redraft end of things.
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