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  1. Was debating whether Penny or Reagor would be more likely to slide through. Chose poorly
  2. Pick in and @Crippler had his go. Now we wait. Or replace 😈
  3. Not sure what to do here. @BassNBrew should I hold for @Ruffrodys05? May be the only time to shift draft order if that’s the plan.
  4. https://www73.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/46169 website link for those who need it
  5. That’s about right. Without seeing spots I’d take Jacobs but would probably take the 1.04 over him.
  6. NonFBG content: DLF series and other podcasts. Under the Helmet (Chad Parsons outside his FBG show) and Locked On plus various draft shows mostly. DLF site for info also FBG content: I read almost all the articles. Chad and Jordan’s show was a good add for this year. Like the general dynasty trade and discussion threads plus specific rankings like @ZWK and @Zyphros do. Plus @Biabreakable and his rookie ranking series. Also for IDP @Tick @Gally @trippand @MAC_32 are some I pay attention to. Sorry if not mentioned. And team threads with too many to name. Shout out to @Faust@The F
  7. If superflex I’d say probably not needed unless the QB scoring is really high comparatively. For 2 QB it makes more sense so that everyone has a shot at 2 starters.
  8. Noted that last night. Couldn’t clear from the phone though. Will deal this morning but thanks for the heads up.
  9. I’ll keep Chubb and Dobbins. I’ll take the 6 slot. Now @Go DC Yourselfis up.
  10. Bills over Colts easily. Seahawks over Rams as they hold on late. Just can’t be any other way. Tampa blows out WFT. Baltimore over Tennessee as the Titans defense can’t stop anything right now. New Orleans beats Chicago on a late TD after trailing most of the game. Lower scoring game. Cleveland beats Pittsburgh in OT. Great back and forth end to a fun slate of games.
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