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  1. I think this is great for "high-level" info for those who don't want to dive in themselves. Good add.
  2. @BusMan still needs a 19th round makeup pick.
  3. My understanding is you can still draft them and do get their week 1 points.
  4. He’s in and picked. Interesting that @BassNBrew hasn’t apparently been on the site since 1969 😂
  5. Dark mode seems to lock up using iPhone. Switched to default and it’s ok.
  6. Another vote for Javonte and agree with @tangfootthat I would be hammering WRs from here. Not quite a productive struggle team with the quality of youth but I would definitely shy away from anything on the redraft end of things.
  7. All good choices here but I would go with Diggs here due to the uncertainty of the Rodgers situation. If I knew for sure he was playing for Green Bay then I would go with Adams, but in this case it seems better to go with the safer pick. That said, since you get the next pick also, I’d probably take Adams also and hammer the RBs later.
  8. Non-PPR I’m almost always going with the stud RB. There is some risk since a lot of Zeke’s benefit is in the receiving game as well, but the yardage and TDs almost necessitate taking him here. Probably would take him over Chubb and Jones on the already drafted list also.
  9. Henry for me. Still in the space where I’d rather take the RB knowing that WR depth is better later. Would probably also consider a couple of others (Zeke, Taylor) before looking at WR.
  10. I went with Cook here as the only other consideration. Both he and CMC are the only ones I would consider to be as safe a bet to be the top RB. Otherwise Mahoney and then likely several other QBs would be next prior to Kamara or the next RBs or WRs. I would rather take Cook and grab a couple of QBs at the next turn if they make sense.
  11. Definitely would prefer the Debo/Kupp side but don’t think it’s worthy of a protest.
  12. I was hoping for Pitts at 4.04 but with OM before me I knew he wasn’t coming back. I had about 8 WRs I would have been happy with at that point; Godwin has probably the most stability IMO and I will be looking for upside later. Taylor/Ekeler/Gibson to start gave me 3 of my top 15 RBs so couldn’t pass even with the potential injury issues.
  13. Been in for 12 or so years. Generally been in the Piranha or Hammerhead area with a couple of ventures up to Great White. Currently there as I won Piranha last year.
  14. Brown/Lamb Metcalf Chubb/Swift Dobbins Chubb or Swift depending on which direction you want to take your team.
  15. I think that would be better. Most won’t look at that as opposed to the “absolute value.”
  16. I like the adjustments. Not seeing much in the way of change number wise with the future vs win now toggle at least at the top but that’s about as expected. Thanks for this.
  17. Jeudy, Claypool Sutton, Waddle DJ, JuJu, Chark Bateman Gallup
  18. Based on all this, I’d say Golladay is probably worth more than the 1.14, Bosa worth more than the 2.14, and Shaq probably close to making up for that. I’d probably drop the late picks he’s adding or toss another pick in. Or upgrade Shaq somewhat.
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