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  1. DELETE PLEASE I hit quote thinking it was the edit button out of habit. New features. lol
  2. Well, to be fair...the experience of Caldwell who was having this team do things and make the playoffs didnt inspire anyone either. He was 36-28 and two playoff appearances in four years. If not for the Manning year that screwed it all of 2-14 Caldwell is 60-36 as a coach. Now you cant pick and choose what counts, but in context, it matters. Then they moved on to inexperience and subsequently failed. So they and the fans learned nothing? lol Come on. Look no further then that comparison. Experience is what a rebuild needs and your Lions screwed this and you all know it. Lions
  3. I meant it more in regards to the failure I see ahead for the team. I like Campbell, just not for what the Lions need to do. Lions needed experience. They just got done with inexperience, it didnt work out well but then again when does anything the Lions do work. I know some fans are loyal, but tell me one thing this franchise has done to deserve any of you fans?
  4. Thing about coaches, is who they can entice to sign with the team is a good perk. Bienemy can entice a trade with DWat maybe, or get a player from the chiefs on FA to sign. Who knows. Who is Dan Campbell gonna entice?
  5. I was hoping this situation worked out for the lions, but two of the best HC candidates off the market and a very inexperienced GM, if they can pull a Bienemy that would be nice. Campbell is what they are going to end up with? Man, this has Quinn/Patricia 2.0 written all over it, I hope its not. This coach will be the first move by the GM that will dictate the course of the franchise so will wait and see.
  6. Here for all the people thinking week 17s obvious throw of the game and the players mutiny after words wasnt a factor.
  7. Do we even know who the QB for LA is yet next week?
  8. The pylon cam was right on the line, whats to dispute? It was too close to overturn in using the most accurate camera. https://larrybrownsports.com/football/video-tony-romo-cracks-tip-joke-drew-brees-goal-line-play/571636 If you are gonna mock people for needing glasses, make sure you comprehend that the pylon cam is right down the line while the others are not. So again, according to the camera right down the line, not on an angled shoulder of a person. Its too close to overturn the call on the field. I follow the rules of the league, the problem was, the refs did not in lett t
  9. It did if you use pylon cam directly down the GL, not if you use the cameras. In the end, dont matter.
  10. Get rid of pylon cams, cuz they clearly dont use them. Everyone can tell those goal line cams were on an angle. lol The pylon showed it was too close to voerturn. The NFL replay sucks.
  11. Stafford and a 1 to Houston for Watson is what the Lions need to pull of. Sign Bienemy and do it and rebuild a franchise.
  12. Tony Boselli Torry Holt Calvin Johnson John Lynch Peyton Manning Charles Woodson
  13. As I see the stories about the players being angry, I cant help but remember seeing all the fans who were defending the low integrity move for a few spots in the draft. Doug is about to get the kick, no way he can survive this after that season as well. He made his players look bad in an obvious fashion on SNF. They were in that game, he lost it, not the players.
  14. As a Watson and Fuller owner, they both need each other. Fuller is a deep threat that is one of the best in the league. Cooks is good, but he has lost that deep step. I think they draft a big man WR and resign Fuller while keeping Coutee in the mix. Atkins is nice at TE and they are one big man away from a nice WR corp. They had too many of the same type of player and not any that can go up and get that ball on the sideline like Nuk.
  15. Well in real football he had over 100 total yards in 4 of his first 5 games and 6 total TDs in that same time frame. He also was a playmaker out of the backfield, he avg just about 5 catches per game until dak got hurt.
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