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  1. In a call last August or September Nader admitted that the price structure of the Vyera licensing deal for HIV in the US essentially killed any chance for a partnership on other indications. There is a price floor in the Vyera contract which extends to any indication, I believe it's somewhere around $40K - $60K annually per patient, that bigger pharma balked at. So the Vyera deal, which sounded kind of decent when it was signed, has been a hindrance. There has been talk of licensing outside the US but nothing ever came of it. And yeah, obviously Nader sees himself as a bigtimer. He probably could have made a deal with a larger pharma for HIV but he went with the rinky dink, formerly run by Martin Shkreli, currently getting sued by everybody Vyera because Cytodyn will keep a much bigger slice of the pie if they ever have HIV revenue than a bigger pharma would take. But as a tradeoff, he got essentially nothing up front where a bigger pharma would have made sure Cytodyn was well capitalized to go for HIV approval. Leronlimab and Nader are one and the same and he's made sure nobody is in a position to do anything about it. The Board never has. Past shareholders votes on contentious issues have always gone Nader's way so I'm not sure even a decent buyout offer would have the votes to pass.
  2. A way to gauge it premarket is to watch what happens to the stock on the Stuttgart exchange, which will open at 2 AM EST Monday. https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/296:GR
  3. The last patient would have hit 60 days around Feb 14th.
  4. Those patients in the RLFTF chart are from their extended label trial last summer, not their clinical trial and are in the worst of the worst condition. They are the ones that were excluded from the RLFTF trial because of the severity of their illness. That's why the death rate is so high. Do not expect a similar percentage from an extended timeline in the CYDY trial, or in the actual RLFTF trial.
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