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  1. Thanks for the replies. It's a 1QB league. I did put some feelers out to trade back. I do get the feeling the guy with 1.10 is going to grab Lawrence, I'm not going to worry about it if he does. I just started thinking about Trevor once the news about Watson started getting deeper. I was panicking and thought to get some insurance in case Watson gets suspended. I have pick 2.04, so maybe i'll grab a rookie QB there if one's appealing.
  2. In a 12 team 1/2 PPR Dynasty. So, would I be out of my mind for grabbing Trevor Lawrence with the 1.04 pick rookie/FA draft? I am a Deshaun Watson owner and the situation is making me nervous with the accusations growing and my backup, Daniel Jones isn't giving me the warm fuzzies. Or should I calm my nerves, ride the storm out and just pick what should be a WR or RB. Here's my roster at the moment. Deshaun Watson, Daniel Jones Saquon Barkley, AJ Dillion, David Montgomery, Miles Sanders, Phillip Lindsay, Boston Scott, Darwin Thompson Kenny Golladay, Chase Claypool, H
  3. I am trying to trade back into the first round since I do not have anything currently. I want to get the #6 overall. The team that has #6 has said they are interested in one of my RBs. Initially he mentioned Miles Sanders and he would give me Tee Higgins and the #6. I was thinking of countering with David Montgomery instead of M Sanders. Do you think this is reasonable on my part? Here's my team: Deshaun Watson, Daniel Jones Saquon Barkley, Miles Sanders, David Montgomery, AJ Dillon, Phillip Liindsay Ken Golladay, Tyler Lockett, Chase Claypool, Parris Campbell,
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