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  1. 5 years after Colin Kaepernick's kneeling crusade, do you approve or disapprove. It has spread globally now, with the England and Germany men's national football teams kneeling to protest global racism and inequalities.... Do you approve or do you disagree?
  2. They are offending a lot of women. Women see gay rights and abortion access as fundamental human rights. The GOP needs to change
  3. Who'd force Jerry Jones to sell the Dallas Cowboys? The team hasn't won anything in 25 years but he still makes money off the team and the name.
  4. Why not in sports? Why? Tommy Tuberville is now Senator-elect, is it because most sports figures are Republican?
  5. I am a moderate. I am not a fan of either party. But I think you will see some Trump people be ostracized because of Trump's nonsense. AOC has a list of names.
  6. Do you think Donald Trump supporters will be ostracized now that the Trump era is over? Athletes, celebrities, etc. People like Kirstie Alley, Jay Cutler, Jerry Jones, Rex Ryan, etc. Do you think they will be ostracized from society?
  7. Dump the Evangelicals, dump the abortion and the gay marriage nonsense. America is culturally leftist. This is not the 1980s.
  8. This is where the problem is. They don't see the problem nor do they want to see the problem, that is why police and citizens will have a lot of problems.
  9. Because a lot of them from my New Jersey hometown to deep blue Los Angeles support Trump. A NYPD officer was caught supporting Trump while on uniform. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/nypd-investigating-videos-officer-who-said-trump-2020-over-patrol-n1244693
  10. Most of the police officers that I know are open and unabashed Trump voters to the core, they are hardened Trumpists. Does it concern you that most police are pro-Trump? Why?
  11. Policing will be obsolete if they can't train properly People will take things in their own hands..... BLM is right on this, but policing will cause a MAJOR civil and race war. This country is in trouble, regardless of who wins
  12. I am surprised that the Democrats are doing well with white voters....despite BLM and everything 37 percent was the white vote Dems got in 2016 43 was Obama's 2008
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