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  1. I don't think the government will, but a pretty good chance the airlines do. So rights are restricted (travelling on a plane isn't a protected right but that will be the argument), but not by the government...
  2. I'm the opposite, I have some sort of mental connection between beer and pub food, snacks, wings, pizza etc... which is why my major concern with drinking isn't even as much the alcohol as it is the overall health impact of being overweight because of the drinking nights.
  3. I find this to a lesser extent an issue with craft beer. I almost never get hangovers, hopefully because I'm stopping at the right time... but it's fine to say I had 3 beers in a night... On the nights where they're double IPAs or Imperial Stouts, it's a much different level of consumption/drunkenness than it is with pilsners. The few times it's gotten away from me recently, I've realized it's been a result of drinking big beers early in the night and not properly adjusting/accounting for that difference.
  4. I don't drink most days because of trying to be in some sort of decent shape and family history (my dad was an alcoholic). As a general rule I don't drink Monday to Thursday. That said, the binge description up there definitely describes me. Not like 10 a night but I'm not a stranger to having 6 beers on a Friday night. I've got a group that meets at the pub every Friday after work for 2 or 3 and it's pretty easy to come home on those nights, and have 2 or 3 more with the wife. I should cut back on those binge nights for sure but I love beer.
  5. Based on what you've listed, I'd try out Kings of Leon. I know everyone got sick of them after Only By the Night was played everywhere but their older and newer stuff both hold up well imo. Plus they kind of combine the southern rock of Skynyrd, the soaring choruses/pop sensibilities of ELO and the mainstream rock leanings of Foo Fighters.
  6. Mrs. Eephus' mom and stepfather live on the other side of SF. It's been great having them close by this year although I haven't been able to go over to their place and help out around the house as much. My mom lives 6 doors down. It's pretty great. I've mentioned before my in-laws live in the subdivision behind us. That's good too for my wife being able to help out with their failing health and my father in laws cancer but my mom is super healthy (healthier than me, certainly) and it's still great, even for the silly, let the pets out, borrow a cup of milk, etc.. stuff. Plus, my mom always calls or texts first, despite (because?) being 6 doors down and the in-laws never do .
  7. I'm so tired of Joe's "good people on both sides", "I have coffee with my friends who are conservatives and we all get along, so I'm going to pretend that conservative "facts" can't be called out as being untrue" nonsense. I like debating politics but here isn't the place for me, and I *think* I've realized that for good now. I don't want to lose the ability to access the music community here, which is really the only reason I come here, and start drafts and countdowns and polls and stuff. This music community we've built here is awesome and will keep me coming back.
  8. My problem, and I readily admit this, is I'm a bit of an antagonist. I would have been perfectly fine posting there forever and really never crossing what I perceive as the line. But then my main account gets banned for the most irrational thing and I think #### you, I'm going to be a jerk in here then if I'm going to get banned anyway.
  9. That was crazy, wasn't it? I didn't think I was anywhere near the line when I hit submit. Live and learn.. Same, I had no thought that I would get banned, let alone 100+ days. It's craziness in there.
  10. I'd love to say I was that insightful but I saw the exchange and follow up of Bonzai's banning in the PSF. It didn't make a lot of sense. As things go.
  11. I will update the rest of the spreadsheet tomorrow, I'm working at home. Won't be around tomorrow night, my first concert* in 10 months *Okay, it's a livestream of The Hold Steady in my basement but I'm having a couple buddies over to drink and order pizza and try to do some approximation of what used to be a concert night.
  12. From what I saw, your ban was equally as ridiculous as my 100+ days for "Mike Pence has never let a woman finish".
  13. Oh, that's right. Bonzai posted them doing Neat Neat Neat during that draft. I hadn't forgotten that, I'd just forgotten their name. Was that it? Let's see if we can't get him in here. @Bonzai, got anything for us? @Westerberg perhaps?
  14. I Googled it, too. Doesn't look like much there there. Yeah, their most played song has 1252 spins on Spotify, which is not to diminish things whatsoever, as I believe this is FBG Bonzai's band, as was revealed in a previous draft.
  15. Warriors right? I don't know what this means Google has informed me, but I believe there is greater significance to this band, assuming I have the right one
  16. Who can name the significance of this band... 59.14 - The Turnbull AC's - Pretty Girls Don't Go To Heaven - Underground Garage
  17. You could draft Doug B's multitude of missing picks. 😆 Or Abrantes and have the full draft at your feet.
  18. The walls are thick. That noise won't be leaking in. The first music festival I went to had AWOLNation playing at the height of the popularity of "Sail" (sorry Turbo spotlighting), so they were on a main stage... the heavy heavy synths in their music overpowered/drowned out everything else and it wasn''t even close.
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