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  1. It’s getting ridiculous. Thousands of Haitians now coming in. No asylum seeking, just good old fashioned illegal immigration. Simply fly into Mexico and walk right in. You don’t even need to be vaccinated, and very few of them are. Thank God Trump was the worst President ever, otherwise Biden would be vying for the title.
  2. What a POS Milley is. The guy lied multiple times about the “righteous strike” against ISIS-K. Turns out he killed an aid worker and 7 children. They finally fessed up today, but only after the NY Times finally did some real reporting and published the truth.
  3. Thanks. Hadn’t seen that. I’ll have to dive into it later. It’s crazy how many contradictory studies and conclusions there are. If nothing else it challenges the notion that “the data is clear” as they state in that article. Like I said I am as pro vaccine as anyone. Even if I already had Covid I’d still want the added protection of the vaccine. I just think we need to allow for some level of flexibility in dealing with people who have had Covid and developed natural immunity. Other than that, if someone hasn’t had Covid and won’t get vaccinated, I have no problem firing those folks and keeping them isolated. We need to eradicate this thing as soon as possible before a truly destructive variant emerges.
  4. You say this is the only study and in the next sentence you mention the Rockefeller study that also supports the notion. So yeah, by my count that's two studies, and I haven't even checked for more. The Isreali study looked at 32,000 people. And how does this study contradict anything? When and where did the scientific community conclude that natural immunity isn't effective? That's always been the standard line. And again, I have no dog in this fight. I'm am hugely pro-vaccine. I support Biden's positions on this. Emphatically.
  5. Show me a study that shows the opposite result - that natural immunity is NOT as effective as vaccinated immunity.
  6. It’s the largest real-world observational study to date on coronavirus immunity with respects to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I anxiously await your scientific study showing that vaccinations are stronger than natural immunity. Follow the science - unless it gives you a result you don’t like.
  7. Yes I read the study. Did you read the part that said Fully Vaxxed Are 27 Times More Likely To Get COVID Compared To People With Natural Immunity? That’s not enough for you? You also want them to get a vaccination on top of that? How about we also require them to wear a mask? How about 2 masks? Pardon me for being blunt but this is where you folks on the Left look like idiots and tyrants. Not sure how we got to this point but it’s maddening that this is so political, and like I said earlier you look just as ignorant as the anti-vaxers. I can only conclude that this is not about public safety as much as it is about hatred for those on the other side.
  8. To be fair it sounds like you are being very political here. I don’t have a dog in this fight. Whole lotta stupid on both sides. Forcing someone to get vaccinated who has already had Covid and developed natural immunity that at least one study concludes is stronger than vaccinated immunity is just as idiotic as the anti-vax crap.
  9. Nobody’s arguing they don’t have a right to fire her. The question is whether it’s dumb or not. A recent study out of Israel shows that natural immunity is equal to if not better than vaccinated immunity. Aren’t we supposed to follow the science?
  10. Did she have Covid already and this natural immunity? That kind of seems like an important missing piece here. If she doesn’t have natural immunity then I have no problem with her being fired, though as others have mentioned they handled it very poorly.
  11. You don’t know what authority she’s been granted? Let me help you out. Pretty clear charge on a hugely important crisis. But I get it. You and the other Liberals in here can’t bring yourself to fairly evaluate anything that is critical of Democrats. So I’ll do it for you- she has done a terrible job on the border.
  12. You need to know all the details of her responsibilities / authority? It’s a high level leadership position. Such a strange take.
  13. Wasn’t she put in charge of fixing the border crisis? How’d she do there?
  14. And crickets from the Liberal media. And people wonder why trust in our institutions is at an all-time low.
  15. Let me guess, you’re the 0.01% right? The guy who insisted that masks don’t restrict air intake. 😆
  16. Exactly. In a well functioning country we would be having a healthy debate about gain of function, mandatory controls, monitoring, etc.
  17. They’re ignoring it because anyone with half a brain knows that Fauci lied. It’s not even debatable. I saw a good piece on tv (Frontline, 60 Minutes, or some other show, can’t remember) about the gain of function funding and it was crystal clear. Open and shut case. But people don’t care because he’s on their side. Everything has become politicized these days, even science. It’s gross. Complete whitewash on one of the biggest disasters since WWII.
  18. Fauci perjured himself about the research grant not funding gain of research. Flat. Out. Lie. But the media loves him, so he won’t face the music.
  19. They just signed Freeman and Bell. Why would they also trade for Ingram?
  20. Not sure about all that. America elected the non-Trump candidate. It just so happened to be a guy with early onset dementia.
  21. I give him a B- so far. Really wish I knew who was pulling the strings though.
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