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  1. No way for you to know that. We don't know who he gets at 1.03 & how that player will do in his 1st year...
  2. In some leagues, yes. However, Zeke is not trending to scrub...
  3. & in my PPR where I have been trying to get him, his owner thinks he is still a rookie stud lol
  4. Then the guy that just got Waller did this... Gave Z. Moss, AJ Green, Cephus, 1.03, 1.08 & 1.12 for Nuk & Barkley
  5. Just saw this go down in PPR Team A gave 1.08 & Waller Team B gave Fant & DJ Moore
  6. Henry deal is fair. I assume each team did that based on roster needs. Other deal, I'd rather have Sanders & AJB as of today
  7. You make valid points & have me reconsidering my spot on the fence lol
  8. Definitely tough due to the positions. I suppose Aiyuk's value goes down with Deebo back full time, but does it go down enough? I don't know. I must be in the minority & believe Hunt is overrated. Like you mentioned, he didn't really do anything when Chubb was out...
  9. Who has more value in PPR both now & future: Hunt or Aiyuk? I lean Aiyuk
  10. Is Golladay a hold in PPR or should he be moved for late 1st 2021 rookie picks like a 1.08 or 1.09?
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