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  1. What sort of 2021 1st rounder is Golladay worth & is it worth moving him for said pick based on the incoming rookies?
  2. Means nothing IMO since he did this 100 times before then played Fitz anyway... Any Tua trades in dynasty lately? Curious as to his value in start 1 QB
  3. I own CEH in PPR & would have rejected as well. If that is a start 1 QB league, Brady has next to no value IMO. If it's superflex, it might not be that bad of an offer. I have the 1.09 for 2021 & I am not sure Hunt is worth that much. Am I just unrealistic? On the flip side, I have no idea what other sort of RBs I should expect to get for the 1.09 either
  4. Gonna be a train wreck. How do folks view this for the value of the players for FF such as James Robinson, Chark, etc?
  5. Waller value? His owner in PPR said not for sale, but I am trying anyway lol. He said no to 2021 1.09 + Engram as well as no to Golladay + Engram. Thoughts? I have Goedert too & trying to keep him, but not opposed to moving him
  6. I appreciate the analysis. I have Lamar & Tua so not looking for a QB unless I'm moving Lamar in that deal. I need a TE & RB depth. I am deep at WR. The guy wanting Golladay doesn't have a QB or TE for me, but he does have Jacobs & Montgomery @ RB. I doubt he'd do Jacobs for Golladay, though.
  7. So far all the Victo & Mercer knives I got are great. So os the chef'schoice manual sharpener I got. It sharpened my old crap knives & even my EDC Kershaw knife pretty well
  8. Price check on Golladay in PPR? I own him & another owner is trying to get him. He started with Drake + a pick for him. Drake isn't worth nearly what Golladay is IMO. He did not say what pick yet, but even if it was his 1st (1.11 out of 12) it's not enough IMO. Am I overvaluing Golladay? While we are here, what IS Drake's value?
  9. Is there something I don't know about Akers? His owner in PPR dynasty just asked me for my 2021 1st, CEH & Aiyuk for him. LOL
  10. Probably a top asset + at least a high 1st round pick.
  11. How long is the wait though? reason I ask is because I own Mooney and the Gallup owner offered me Gallup for Mooney straight up. I guess at worst, it's a lateral move for me if I take the deal.
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