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  1. What is everyond doing with Davante Parker? I imagine holding like me. I can't get a nibble on him in PPR. Same with Antonio Brown. Maybe I should look to move Gallup for a RB or TE then...
  2. I'm a contender in PPR & needed RB help. I traded my 1.09 & K. Hunt for Zeke prior to the NFL rookie draft. For context, I am stacked at WR. Traded Golladay & hot garbage aka E. Engram for Hunt so I, essentially, moved those 2 & my 1.09 for Zeke.
  3. I agree. Not by a mile at all. For some contrast, the Gibson owner in my ppr dynasty wanted Aiyuk & my 2021 1st. I passed. We already drafted so I guess no deal will happen now lol. I'm deep at WR so I would have done Aiyuk straight up for him...
  4. Not sure how far we will get on day 2 so who knows where we'll be able to stay for that night. I'm a little worried about not knowing where we'll stay the rest of the trip, but I'm sure we''l find decent places each night.
  5. Land on a Monday. I think the plan is to head out of SB & go north on day 2...unless we missed a bunch to do in SB
  6. We're planning to fly into LAX (arrive around 2pm) & end up in the santa barbara area for night 1 & stay there. Crowne plaza in Ventura a better option?
  7. This thread has turned into the dynasty value discussion thread we already have instead of completed deals
  8. Cliffside Inn, Chateau Marmont, The Georgian or Crowne Plaza in Ventura anyone? Other suggestions in Santa Barbara area?
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