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  1. What story? Gruden? What I said was not Gruden specific, sir
  2. Because we now, sadly, live in an age of people looking for reasons to complain when they have no life or skills or common sense etc
  3. Looks like the list started with you.
  4. Whole 1st floor is real hardwood floor minus bedroom & kitchen. Would suck to have someone ruin that. What do you think of renting furnished/partially furnished vs non furniture? Some of my furniture is better than hers & vice versa so not going to use all of hers in whatever new place we end up. Again, assuming the market doesn't screw me again. It was hell finding the rental I am in now & it was not my because I really found an awesome place. Nice enough, but not what I want. I looked at buying another house at the time too (I used to be a home owner) & everything crazy priced & selling as soon as it hits market for asking or more, sellers not paying closing costs etc. No thanks to that. I'm not buying at the top of the market
  5. I really don't want the headache of dealing with the possible negatives of renters. I hope she decides to sell
  6. Yes, a lawyer will be involved for that. better safe than sorry!
  7. GF and I are planning to find a place of our own next Spring (Her house is too small for us) so we'd be renting it out as her mortgage & taxes combined are stupid cheap and it is, obviously, a good asset to have & we can surely rent it for more than that. Neither of us have ever rented out a property we own so looking for guidance, tips, etc. There will be no smoking or pets allowed. We could also rent it furnished if we wanted as all her furniture will not be going with us.
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